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Intel� System Debugger 2016
JTAG-assisted Debug & Trace Solution for Intel� Architecture
    Provides deep system-wide insight into Intel� Architecture-based platforms Specific OS-awareness modules for Embedded and Real-time Operating Systems.

The Intel� System Debugger is a JTAG-based debug solution supporting in-depth debugging and tracing of Intel� Architecture-based System Software and Embedded Applications. It enables developers to debug and trace Intel� Architecture-based platforms system-wide, e.g. UEFI / firmware, System-on-Chip peripheral registers, OS kernel and drivers with full OS awareness.


Intel System Debugger Graph User Interface

Intel� System Debugger is not sold separately.
It is included in this suite: Intel� System Studio Ultimate Edition.



Accelerate Time-to-Market
Speed-up debugging and testing with deep hardware and software insight

Strengthen System Reliability
Enhance system stability using in-depth system-wide debug and trace capabilities


Key Features:

    Linux and Windows host support. JTAG debug for Intel� Atom, Core�, Xeon � & Quark SoC-based platforms. EFI/UEFI Firmware, bootloader debug, Linux OS awareness and kernel module debug.. Full CPU register description and bitfield editor. Access to page translation and descriptor tables. LBR, IPT On-Chip instruction trace support, SMP run control support. JTAG debug & instruction trace to Microsoft WinDbg kernel debugger. System Trace: System-wide hardware and software event trace.

Intel SVT Closed Chassis Adapter

  	Intel SVT Closed Chassis Adapter  

Intel� Silicon View Technology Closed Chassis Adapter (also known as SVTCCA or BSSB) provides access to DFx-features (for 6th Generation Intel Cores) , like JTAG and Run-control, through USB3 port(s) on Intel� Direct Connect Interface (DCI) enabled silicon and platforms. The tool enables closed-chassis use-cases where USB3-hosted DCI is limited, intermittent, or unavailable and includes initial cold boot, suspend-state operation and survival, Reset-flows, and USB3 or IOSF path failures. Intel� ITP software or Intel� System Studio software is required - software is sold separately



    1 x 3� USB 3.0 Cable with Standard A-to-B connector: Connects the host and the CCA. 1 x 6" USB 3.0 Cable with Standard A-to-A connector: Connects the CCA to the target system. 1 x 6" USB 3.0 Cable with Standard A-to-uB connector: Connects the CCA to the target system.



Intel� ITP software works with Intel silicon that features DCI. Specifically, Mobile 4th Generation Intel� Core� i3, i5 and i7 U processor line which includes Chipset family code name Lynxpoint-LP (LPT-LP), Wildcat Point (WPT), and Sunrise Point (SPT).Intel� System Studio software supports Sunrise Point (SPT).



                     ITP-XDP 3BR Kit  

ITP-XDP 3BR is the latest revision of ITP-XDP hardware. It is used for Run Control and OBS trace collection for Intel processors. It also provides capabilities for some remote platform control through supported platform hooks. Intel ITP PDT software is required - software is sold separately.

    3 meter USB2 cable included. Power adapter and cord set included. The ITP-XDP 3BR is functionally equivilant to the older ITP-XDP 3B. The only difference is the 3BR is RoHS compliant, 3B is not.


    Host Connection: USB2 Target Connector Type: XDP 60 pin connector Run Control/JTAG: Yes Dual Scan Chains: Yes OBS trace collection: Yes I2C/SMBUS: Yes Multi-Pod Sync-In/Sync-Out: Yes