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ESA is now recognized as an elite industry partner to the prestigious Electronics and ICT Academy (E&ICT Academy- http://eict.iitg.ernet.in/partner.html ) at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati). E&ICT Academy at IIT-Guwahati was set up through a project grant by Government of India, Department of Electronics and Information Technology(DeitY). As part of this joint collaboration, ESA will provide training (faculty, students and industry representatives), skill development, enhancement of employability in the area of Electronics, Information & Communication Technology, Research & Development, Intellectual Property Creation, and Consultancy Activities for E&ICT.

  ESA as part of ESA University Program , is further working to partner with the rest of E&ICT academies across India to support DeitY’s cause of nation building.  

ESA UNIVERSITY PROGRAM (EUP), is ESA Group’s initiative to empower engineering education by providing the academia, easy and immediate, access to trend setting technologies in electronics and embedded systems. The EUP program offers affordable but high quality, industry standard, hardware and software learning tools along with certified student and faculty training programs.

  We, at ESA, believe that laboratory based hands-on learning helps students truly understand and see in action the theoretical concepts taught in classrooms. Laboratory based learning helps students comprehend the real world application of technical knowledge, prepares them well for industry and enables them to solve the next generation problems in science and technology.  
  ESA Group leverages its industry alliances with technology frontrunners like ARM, Intel, NXP, TI and Microchip and others to bring the best of class embedded design and development tools to universities. Using partnerships with leading academic solution providers like Altium, Embedded Artists, National Instruments, SEGGER and TQ, the ESA UNIVERSITY PROGRAM brings together a comprehensive academic product portfolio. These learning tools and resources are intended to help young innovators quickly embrace and learn new technologies.  
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  Additionally, with test and measurement equipment from GW INSTEK and RIGOL, engineering laboratories can be well equipped with oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, logic analyzers, arbitrary function generators, power supplies, Data acquisition systems, and multi-meters to help students gain hands-on experience with signal probing, generation, measurement and analysis. Soldering stations from JBC with EMC and RF Lab setup and development tookits from Iamps&Hertz maximizes the overall learning experience and can also prove helpful in R&D.  
  ESA has excellent track record in helping educational institutions quickly set up laboratories either from ground’s up or upgrade them as per technological trends. ESA’s legendary success with ESA Microprocessor/Microcontroller trainer kits is well recognized in the academic world since 1984. ESA Group remains grateful for this recognition; even today the ESA trainer kits serve as ESA's best brand connect with most engineers in the Indian electronics and embedded industry.  
  ESA University Program also provides academically rigorous learning material, teaching resources, student training programs and faculty development program in ARM Architecture, INTEL Embedded, PCB Design Tools, USB Protocol and National Instruments solutions.  
  Furthermore, ESA is a part of BOS (Board Of Studies) panels at several educational institutions and actively provides industry inputs for continuous curriculum updates to keep pace with the industry needs.  
  ESA university program is intended to emPOWER engineering education and help students develop the required breadth and versatility in engineering skillsets