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Come see for yourself why Embedded System Solutions (ESS) is not just a great place to advance your career � it's also an exciting place to work!

Embedded System Solutions (ESS) is head quartered at World Trade Centre in Bangalore, India with regional office in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. We are widely recognized as a reputed organization powered by knowledge, driven by business insights and guided by integrity.

ESS is an equal opportunity employer. We believe in providing equal opportunity and ample challenge for competent, hard-working and result-oriented employees to distinguish themselves and advance in their chosen career path.

Being a growth-oriented company, our organization is also very conducive for growth � we believe that growth of the organization can be achieved only through the personal growth of employees.

Here at Embedded Systems Solutions, we provide immense opportunities to help employees expand their knowledge, develop new skills, hone their abilities and apply their competencies in the most rewarding ways. We remain committed to help employees realize their full potential in all aspects of their career and personality.

We want to build strong teams with members focused on successful execution, hire employees that take personal ownership of the responsibilities, on-board new leadership to identify new venues of growth and together build a strong, lastingly, sustainable organization focused on growth targets in revenue and profitability.

Importantly, at ESS, our work philosophy places a lot of value in personal integrity, honesty and ethics. We always abide to high levels of integrity in how we run our businesses, both with respect to our external dealings with customers, suppliers and representatives and in our internal dealings with principal partners and employees. We expect all our employees to imbibe this work philosophy and demonstrate steadfast principled adherence to our code of business ethics.

Join us to part of a culture that embraces talent, nurtures potential, rewards outstanding performance and upholds honesty and personal integrity!

How to apply?

Mail your resume to hiring@embeddedindia.com. It must be accompanied by a covering letter which addresses:

  • Your interest in joining ESS,
  • Your skills and strengths that could be of value to ESS and
  • Your prior experience in your chosen area of interest.


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