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ESS’s team of technical experts are adept in precisely identifying client needs, recommending end to end solutions, training and supporting client teams while they learn to effectively leverage the entire tool set feature.

ESS also provides product development and total system solutions including application development in C and C++, assembly coding, firmware and device driver development, RTOS porting to target systems and custom board design.


AAE Kick-Start: ARM Cortex A9 Workshop


ESS in partnership with ARM has launched a 4-day AAE Kick-Start Workshop focused on the Cortex A9 core, for the Indian Embedded Systems Community. This is a “boot-camp” style program aimed at kick-starting the preparations of fresh Graduates and Junior Embedded Systems Engineers who wish to take up the AAE exams but are new to ARM Architectures. This workshop quickly ramps-up the attendees in one of the two architecture families covered in the AAE exam within a short span of 4 days. This kick-start workshop comprehensively covers software development techniques for cortex A9 platform while also covering many of the topics prescribed by ARM for the AAE exam.

ARM Accredited Engineer

This workshop helps the participants master the basics of ARM Architecture, Programmers Model, and Software development techniques specifically for Cortex A9 platform. After attending this workshop, the participants can then scale this approach and apply the learning to Cortex R series platform before finally taking up the AAE Exam. This workshop not only helps fresh engineers kick-start their preparations for the exam, but it also provides an excellent platform for hands-on sessions to which facilitate in up-skilling and gaining valuable exposure to industry standard tools and embedded systems development cycle. This program is highly recommended for candidates focused on employability and upgrading their ARM skills which will greatly benefit the employee, the employer and the ARM development community at large.


August 4th - August 7th, 2014 (Registration closed)

Registrations are now open for August 25th - 28th, 2014 (9AM -5PM) Workshop

Registrations are now open for  November 3rd – Nov 6th, 2014 (9AM-5PM) Workshop (Registrations are now closed)

Registrations now open for December 16th – Dec 19th, 2014 workshop (Hurry up book your slots now!)


Limited Capacity: 20 Seats Only


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