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  ESA along with its associate companies is a one-stop solution provider for embedded product engineering and development.

The in-house R&D is recognized by Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. ESA is a member of Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka (CLIK), India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA), NSIC and ARM Connected Community.
  Product Engineering Services  
  • Software and Firmware development.
  • PCB design services.
  • Electronic Manufacturing services.
  • Quality assurance services.
  Research & Development Services  
  • Solution Research Consultancy.
  We offer Product engineering services, R&D consultancy services and Training services.

We work with our clients to develop complete products, sub-systems or specific modules of the end products, tool-chain selection and training on advanced technologies.
  Our Team  
  Our engineering teams are experts in various state of the art embedded systems tools and technologies. We use state of the art infrastructure to design and develop products.  
  Processor architectures  
  • ARM, Intel ATOM Processors, 8051 , 8086.
  Software and Hardware development for embedded systems  
  • We use cross-compilers such as DS5, KEIL, Tasking , Cosmic, CodeWarrior, MPLAB, SEGGER depending on solution requirements.
  Real-time operating systems  
  • Embedded Linux from  Mentor (MEL).
  • RTOS - Mentor Nucleus, Embedded Linux, CMX, SEGGER and ARM.
  Embedded Linux  
  • Kernel porting, configuration.
  Embedded Web technologies and Middleware  
  • Configuring embedded web servers such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP on your hardware.
  Quality assurance & consultancy  
  • Debugging and analysis using Bus Analyzers and Logic Analyzers.
  Prototyping embedded solutions and Consultancy  
  • As part of our R&D consultancy effort we can provide prototypes for your products using development kits.
  Driver development for Windows and Linux  
  • We have expertise in developing PC applications for Windows, Linux for device interfacing, which also involves device driver interaction.
  • Our in-house development infrastructure comprises of state-of-art emulators and debuggers, protocol analyzers for USB, PCI-express, Storage, Ethernet protocols, Logic analyzers and test and measurement instruments. And software development tools for ARM, Intel and Power PC architectures.
  Partner With Us  
  Value Proposition  
  • Technology expertise - We have a capable pool of engineers who are hands-on with latest technologies and tools in the embedded industry. We keep ourselves up to date with latest technologies, hence able to provide the best possible solutions to our customers.
  • Availability of hardware resources such as emulators, debuggers - We have ready to use in house infrastructure to help solve your problems on timely manner.
  •  Cost - We strive to provide cost effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  Consulting Practices  
  • Client association - We develop products as per client requirements and client process. Service charges will be calculation on per hour basis or per feature basis.
  • Build & Deliver - We use our in house process to build quality solution and deliver to customers. The entire project cost will be decided at the time of business proposal.
  •  Solution Research Consultancy - Being experts in various embedded systems products such as cross-compilers, debuggers, analyzers, EDA tools - we can offer consultancy services and provide solutions using these proven and established technologies based on your requirements. We use our in-house process to provide cost effecting R&D.
  Research & Development Practices  
  • Solution Consultancy - This involves in-house R&D to identify and propose a solution to customer based on customer's requirements.
  We develop prototypes which are as reliable as working products. In the process we help our customers engineering teams to identify and use latest technologies in their products. We contribute at whole product development as well as sub-system development.  
  Training Practices  
  • We conduct Kick-Start Workshops on ARM, Intel product lines. These workshops are used to introduce latest technology and advances in technology to the Embedded Engineers and Managers.
  Our training schedule are provided here  
  • We also provide training on embedded tools and technologies at our customers locations on the embedded products and technologies we supplied.
  Our Customers  
  Our customer base includes a broad range of embedded vertical markets such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Education, Electronics Design & Manufacturing, Energy, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Military, Semiconductor and Telecom.  
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