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    Mimik has pioneered hybrid edge cloud computing to enable any computing device to act as a cloud server to help application developers unlock the next generation of apps for the hyper connected world. developers can accelerate product development utilizing the mimik platform.
  Take advantage of the hybrid edgeCloud platforms to unlock the next generation of apps.  
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Hybrid edgeCloud Platform
What is Hybrid edgeCloud Platform?

At mimik, we’ve developed a platform to build the next generation of hybrid edgeCloud infrastructure. our technology enables any computing device to act as a server, enabling all computing devices to communicate directly at the application layer.

Scalable Hydrid edgeCloud Platform

  • The platform includes edgeEngine, mimik backend services, and associated microservices. The engine is agnostic to OS, device, networks, cloud and works with existing standard development tools.
  • Mimik technology runs on any computing platform including Linux, Android, iOS, Mac-OS, Windows, and Raspbian.

Cross-domain Application Communication at the edge

  • Build and deploy cross-domain apps
  • Enable direct app to app communications locally and across the cloud
  • Simplify software deployment and maintenance of your enterprise and consumer frontend apps


Edge-Optimized Solutions

  • Leverage edge-optimised SaaS solutions
  • Improve security through system-wide service to service approach
  • Expand services to the edge

Serverless Microservices Development

  • Host serverless microservices on any computing device
  • Enable seamless microservice to microservice communications
  • Leverage existing edge serverless microservices to accelerate development
  • Transform your frontend apps into serverless microservices

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Why Hybrid edgeCloud Platform ?

The first generation of cloud was about hosting siloed apps where users went to the web and got serviced through the cloud. mimik’s disruptive technology decentralizes the cloud by enabling all computing devices to act as servers to increase efficiency, processing power on edge while decreasing latency, cost, and energy usage.

Discover, Connect & Communicate

  • All devices with mimik edgeEngine can discover and communicate regardless of the operating system, network, or location.

Flexible Data Management

  • The data remains on edge devices unless you want to send it to the central cloud or other edge devices.

Increase Security

  • EdgeEngine provides you with unprecedented control over your applications and the data they contain.

Minimize Cost

  • Create experiences that are not feasible with the central cloud; with minimal development effort and low hosting costs.

Appplicable to any Industry

  • From automotive to automation, all industries benefit from the lightweight architecture of the Hybrid edgeCloud platform.

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How does Hybrid edgeCloud Platform Work ?

The platform operates by the formation of mimik cluster nodes (devices) by proximity, network and user-account. nodes in a cluster discover, connect and communicate with other nodes (devices) in that cluster.

Platform and Device Agnostic

  • As an application level software, the edgeEngine component of the platform and the associated microservices can downloaded and run on many types of computing devices.

Dynamic Discovery

  • Devices can dynamically discover each other independent of the OS and/or the network

Form and Organize Clusters

  • Nodes can form clusters even with no Internet availability.

Communicate within and between clusters

  • Nodes can communicate within a cluster even with no Internet availability, and across clusters.

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What is hybrid edgeCloud and why will it change the way we develop apps?

First generation cloud technology has given users access to storage, files, softwares, and more through devices connected to the Internet, instead of over a hard drive. this same type of cloud technology initially worked through the hosting of siloed apps, where users went to the web to access the information they needed and by doing so got serviced through a central cloud.

The future however is looking brighter as it’s all about a hyperconnected web where apps and devices connect and communicate through a combination of edge devices and servers in the central cloud. at mimik, we believe that the future is about decentralizing the cloud by enabling all computing devices to act as servers to protect our data, minimize usage of energy and other resources to help save our planet.

Enter Hybrid edgeCloud Computing

Like with any technology that is rapidly evolving, cloud technology has also evolved in the face of a more hyper-connected world. changes with future innovations have allowed for an interconnected web where different apps and devices communicate using both edge devices and servers in the central cloud. these ‘edge’ devices can be anything from smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, game consoles, robots, drones, and AI-based sensors.

An edgeCloud platform allows any computing device to act as a server, letting other devices communicate directly to the application layer, hence developing a hybrid edgeCloud that is larger, faster, cheaper, and with stronger data privacy for its users.

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  Mimik offers a unique solution that offloads most of the processing to smart devices and minimizes dependence on data center computing resources.  
  Optimized Privacy

Process sensitive data on smarts devices and minimize data in-flight
  Optimized Costs

Offload to smart devices to reduce hosting and bandwidth costs.
  Optimized Latencies

Localize for shortest paths between smart devices and data centers.
  Rapid App Development

Familiar APIs, development framework and languages. and fully compatible with container and orchestration tools.
  Optimized Carbon Footprint

Cut data transfer up to 90% and improve system-level efficiency
A Path to App Modernization
  Today's Paradigm

90% of all data generated on devices travels from the point of creation on devices at the edge to the cloud.
  With mimik, there is a better way

Apps’ business logic can run on the front end of the devices themselves, a new approach that addresses the critical challenges that organizations are facing today.

The sooner the existing paradigm shifts, the more prepared organizations will be to capitalize on the benefits of a true digital transformation by taking a more balanced approach to the concept of edge cloud processing.
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