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The product range contains a broad range of digital I/O boards, multifunction and counter boards for the connection of SSI or absolute encoders as well as A/D and D/A converters, serial communication interfaces and axis control boards.

  Data Loggers  
  Data Loggers  

Ethernet Data Loggers


For acquiring temperature, pressure or fill levels, use the highly precise long-time data recording devices of the MSX-ilog series by ADDI-DATA. The compact, portable and interference-free systems are ideal for acquiring data at different locations in your installation. Data is automatically converted to physical values and can be calculated via the onboard-processor. The integrated web server allows easy configuration, monitoring and data export. Further features: Onboard data saving, internal clock, low consumption and Ethernet interface, data thus being available on the company network for evaluation and statistical purposes. No license costs!


16 analog inputs, 16-bit


MSX-ilog-RTD/TC:16 channels for
thermocouples, RTD


MSX-ilog-AI16-DIO40:16 analog inputs, diff., 40 digital I/O



  • Industry standard solutions
  • One-time acquisition costs (no additional license costs)
  • Independent of operating systems
  • Software integrated in hardware – no installation necessary
  • Simple operation via the web-based user interface
  • Recording of a number of signal types as physical measurement data
  • Rapid capture


  • Long-term recording of many signal types
  • Visualisation: Live or recorded data using a curve diagram, display of value or level
  • Setup of the test point without programming knowledge
  • Different start / stop trigger possibilities
  • Alarm and export function (xls, csv)
  • Ethernet-based solutions
  • Web-based user interfaces without installation of programs
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system

Application areas for data loggers

  • Aviation
  • Research and development
  • Building services
  • Energy industry
  • Transport monitoring
  • Stock control
  • Chemical industry
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  Real-time Systems  

More efficiency through real-time systems


With ADDI-DATA real-time systems you can accelerate your processes and increase the efficiency of your application. Real-time systems are especially suitable for processes that combine measurement and regulation tasks. The regulation is effected precisely and reliably within a predefined time period. This reduces rework and defective products in a noticeable way.

ADDI-DATA offers a wide range of distributed systems and PC based solutions for Linux (RTAI) and Windows users (RTX drivers).

Increase the productivity of your facility by integrating our real-time systems in your processes!


Product overview:

Real-time PAC systems   PC-based solutions   Real-time Ethernet systems
real-time-pac-systems-msx   pc-based-solutions   real-time-ethernet-systems

Systems of the MSX-Box series with PCI or CompactPCI backplane


PCI-Express, PCI, CompactPCI boards RTX drivers for Windows


Systems of the x-ARTS series for EtherCAT, ProfiNet and VARAN

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  Intelligent Ethernet Systems  

Measurement and control directly in the field


The intelligent Ethernet systems of the MSX-E series are especially suited for industrial measurement, control and regulation tasks directly at the measuring point.

They are mounted in robust metal housings and comply with the degrees of protection IP67/IP 65/IP 40. They can be used in a temperature range from –40 C to +85 C as they are equipped with many protective circuits. The Ethernet systems can be freely cascaded and synchronised in these range. Sensors can be connected directly to the measurement systems through screw connectors.

Force-distance   Digital/Counter   Analog   Temperature
msx-force-distance   msx-digital-counter   msx-analog   msx-temperature
Pressure   Vibration   Length   Serial interface
msx-pressure   msx-vibration   msx-length   msx-serial-interface  
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  PC Boards  

With the sophisticated and reliable ADDI-DATA PC boards, your measurement and automation tasks will be a success! High quality products, well thought-out design concepts and robust constitution guarantee a reliable function of ADDI-DATA PC boards in a harsh industrial environment.

For more than 25 years, ADDI-DATA has been developing interference-free PC boards for industrial measurement and automation.


PCI Express boards

PCI Express Boards

ADDI-DATA offers PCI Express boards for use in industrial environment. They are especially designed for the reliable use in harsh industrial environments and have many protective features, such as protection against short circuits and overvoltage, optical isolation, input and output filters, etc.

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PCI boards

PCI Boards

ADDI-DATA offers a wide range of PCI boards, which are especially designed for the reliable use in harsh industrial environments. The measurement boards are equipped with a lot of protective features, such as protection against short circuits and overvoltage, optical isolation, input and output filters, etc.

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CompactPCI boards


If your applications are subject to vibrations, high temperatures and extremely severe industrial conditions, you have to rely on the robustness, reliability and modularity of the CompactPCI systems.

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PC104+ boards


Digital input/output board, 32 I/O channels, with optical isolation, 24 V, for PC/104-Plus
The board PC104-PLUS1500 is a digital input/output board (24 V) for use in PC/104-Plus systems.

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ISA boards


ISA measurement boards still belong to the product range from ADDI-DATA, as we want your investment to be secured on a long-term basis.

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  Software Products  

Database Interface Software Database Connect Ethernet-based, no programming needed

Database Interface Software Database Connect Ethernet-based
  • Measurement data stored in databases
  • Standard Ethernet for easy integration
  • Easy to use: no programming needed
  • Processing of measurement data
  • Filtering of measurement values
  • Easy parameterising MSX-E systems via website
  • Ideal addition to the MSX-E systems as interface between filed and IT levels
  • Data transfer via standard Ethernet
  • Raw data is converted into real values
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