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Cosmic Software provides top quality development tools and services to manufacturers who design and use microprocessors in their products. Many leading companies trust Cosmic Software tools to develop reliable high performance embedded software and boost productivity. Our tools are easy to use and deploy, field tested and thoroughly supported. We simply offer some of the best tools in the embedded systems industry.

Cosmic's product portfolio includes: C-language cross-compilers, assemblers, linkers, ANSI libraries, processor simulators, hardware debuggers and an easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDEA). Our tools are available for PCs running Windows
and UNIX systems running PC-Linux
Cosmic Compilers Technology and IDEA
  Cosmic Compilers Technology and IDEA  
  Cosmic Software C Compilers  
  Cosmic's C cross compilers are part of a complete and uniform compiler product line incorporating over 20 years of innovative design and development. Cosmic's familiar and easy to use software interface is common through all supported microcontrollers to simplify the learning curve and the migration between targets. All C compilers include:  
  • IDEA
    Cosmic's own integrated development environment which is preconfigured for the compiler it comes with.
  • ANSI and ISO C Compiler
    Cosmic compilers follow ANSI and ISO rules and conventions. Syntax extensions allow to efficently use all processor specific features (zero page, peripherals, eeprom, paged memory..) directly in C.
  • Reentrant and Recursive
    Most Cosmic Compilers are fully reentrant and recursive using standard ANSI stack frame conventions.
  • Library source code
    Cosmic Compilers come with source code for all libraries provided.
  • In-line Assembly
    The compilers support three convenient methods for adding assembly code inside a C program including an argument passing mechanism.
  • Absolute Listings
    Optionally produce relocatable and/or absolute C interspersed with the corresponding Assembly listings.
  • Windows, UNIX and Linux
    Cosmic compilers are available on PCs running Windows (Windows 7, XP and compatible) and UNIX systems running PC-Linux, SUN Solaris and HP-UX.
  • Host Independent Formats
    The Cosmic relocatable and absolute object formats are host independent. This allows user's on PC Windows, Linux, SUN and HP to share objects for linking and debugging.
  • IEEE-695 and ELF/DWARF
    The Cosmic compilers support the IEEE-695 and ELF/DWARF 2.0 standard debug formats used by many popular emulators and logic analyzers.
  • C Interrupt functions and vector table
    Interrupts can be managed entirely in C. The compiler takes care to save and restore the necessary registers.
  • Macro assembler
    Supports C #defines and #includes so that C and assembly language modules may share common constants and macros.
  • Linker
    Place the code in memory and take care of initializing global variables. Can also generate automated checksums for most targets.
  • Utilities
    Librarian, hex file generator, object format converters, debugging support utilities, multi-pass compiler command driver.

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Cosmic Software Integrated Development Environment
  Cosmic Software Integrated Development Environment  
  All Cosmic C Cross Compilers for Windows include IDEA - Cosmic's own integrated development environment which is preconfigured for the the compiler it comes with. IDEA is designed specifically for developing embedded applications with Cosmic compilers. IDEA integrates an editor, project manager, graphical smart build/make facility, program analyzer, link file generator, documentation manager and ZAP debugger into one easy to use environment running under Windows 7, XP and compatible. IDEA includes the following features:  
  • Integrated Windows Editor - Windows 32 bit MS style editor with syntax highlights for both C and assembly source.
  • Project Manager - Convenient Project window provides easy access to the most frequently used functions such as make, build, touch, mark, compile, link and debug. The project manager also supports Drag and Drop so you can select and drag files from a Windows Explorer to the project manager for easy setup.
  • Program Analyzer - Intuitive Explorer style source file display - shows compiler options, include file dependencies, file build status, time and date of last edit, function prototypes, command line defines, global and static variables and documentation.
  • Link File Generator - Flexible Link builder offers point and click configuration of memory map.
  • Graphical Smart Build - Configure Compiler and Linker to build only files that need to be rebuilt and run various compiler or user defined utilities automatically. No need for makefile.
  • Point and Click Options - IDEA provides an intuitive graphical setup for compiler and assembler options.
  • Automatic Error Handling - When an error is found in a file just double click on the error and an editor window will open on that file, at the line with the error.
  • Global and local options - IDEA allows to set compiler and assembler options both at project and file level.
  • Multifile functions - Search in the project files or other group of files or directories.
  • Documentation Manager - Attach any documents or notes to your project or to individual source files.

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