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Intuitive Data Acquisition Solutions for Modern Testing and Monitoring Applications

  Gantner Instruments Test and Measurement Technology

Gantner Instruments is a customer-driven company that relieves all technical challenges related to digitizing physical quantities and efficient data storage and analysis by providing the necessary technologies, building blocks, and competencies to provide customers with personalized solutions to generate knowledge from data.

Go Gantner to experience the modern approach to data acquisition with high-quality measurement hardware, game-changing software solutions, and free qualified technical support without subscriptions, proprietary restrictions, or ridiculous lead times.
  Digital Pioneering - Developing Intelligent Solutions

Gantner Instruments offers innovative, state-of-the art DAQ solutions that satisfy even the most demanding applications within test and measurement - precisely, efficiently and reliably.

Gantner Instruments offers high-precision data acquisition systems capable of capturing and analyzing data from various sensors and signals. These systems are used in industries such as renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.
More Power and Flexibility. Mix-and- Match your ideal solution

Q.series X measurement modules are the market leading modular and scalable approach for data acquisition. Designed for long-lasting performance and cost-effective versatility.
  Edge Devices for High Performance Monitoring and Control, Remote Configuration and Universal Connectivity

Provide universal connectivity across multiple systems to remotely monitor, control, and configure. Convert raw data to preprocessed information for efficient storage, enrichment, and analytics.
The Key to Faster Measurement Results: Our open and scalable software solutions

Superior and Scalable Platforms for Modern and Robust Measurement and control Setups.
Configure, operate and visualize your data. Prepare it for distributed data processing and AI driven analytics.
  Gantner DAQ Systems  
  A complete DAQ system consists of the Software, Controller, DAQ module(s), and Sensor(s).

The signals of the sensors connected to DAQ measurement modules are converted from analog to digital values and this data is sent to the Controller. Controllers process and store the collected data, and data streams can be filtered, merged, and triggered (by an event). With the help of Software (usually on a PC), the streamed data can be visualized, analyzed, or post-processed.
  Software Controller IO Modules Sensors  
  Gantner Advantages  
  • DAQ for measurement of electrical, mechanical & thermal parameters,
  • Distributed & synchronized measurements,
    PC based (or) stand-alone data logging without a computer,
  • Fast (100kHz) sampling per channel,
  • Accurate (24bit ADC) signal conditioning per channel,
  • Robust and industry proven designs,
  • Powerful standardized interfaces,
  • Drivers for all well-know software packages,
    High galvanic isolations of 500 VDC / 1500 V DC,
  • Butterworth & Bessel filters up to 08th order,
  • Multiple form factors,
  • Cloud connectivity,
  • Hot swappable,
  • Flexible & scalable.
GI.bench is a one-time purchase, subscription-free software suite for quick and easy setup of measurement channels, data loggers, and dashboards. Connect data with third-party applications, promote interoperability, and expand your analysis capabilities using our advanced open API.
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Controllers process and store the collected data internally or externally, and can stream that data to various destinations such as Software on a connected PC or to a Cloud solution.
Ethernet, CAN, Profinet
DAQ modules measure the signals of connected sensors and convert them from analog to digital values to be sent to the Controller for further processing.
Ethernet, CAN, Profinet
No DAQ system is complete without accessories like cables, terminals, etc., but which ones can vary greatly between test and measurement applications across various industries.
Explore DAQ Accessories
Sensors produce an output signal to sense a physical event or phenomenon, detect events or changes in its environment, and send the information to the connected DAQ Modules.
Sensors Explained
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  Q.Series X - Data Acquisition Hardware  
Gantner's modular and scalable Q.Series X data Acquisition hardware provides accurate signal conditioning for various sensor types, supporting conventional electrical and fiber optic sensors. The capabilities of the Q.Series X extend well beyond the normal; features like intelligent data filtering, data reducing algorithms, IIoT edge computing, and real-time control for automation make the Q.Series X the most versatile data acquisition system available on the market.
  • Multi-channel data acquisition solutions.
  • Distributed and synchronized measurement
  • Standalone data logging without a computer
  • High galvanically isolated I/O modules
  • Vraiety of modular packaging styles
  • Ready to connect to the GI.cloud or any cloud
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  GI.bench - Data Acquisition Software  
GI.bench is a state-of-the-art data acquisition software environment that combines system setup and configuration, as well as logging and monitoring of multiple data streams in one easy-to-use desktop application. GI.bench enables you to configure, execute, and analyze your testing and monitoring projects on the fly with access to high-availability measurement data.
  • Quick and Easy Setup of Multi-channel DAQ Systems
  • Configure Multi-frequency Data Loggers
  • Processing of Large Volumes of Data
  • Create and share engaging dashboards
  • Modern API for Configuration and Data Access
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  GI.Cloud - Data Acquisition in the world  
Today we can connect everything to the Cloud. Scalable, reliable, and secure data acquisition solutions are mandatory. The GI.cloud enables the acquisition and processing of data from distributed measurement devices, combining Gantner's proven edge devices for monitoring and control with an adaptive and scalable cloud backend. GI.cloud comes with a comprehensive user interface and modern APIs.
  • Lifetime secure cloud storage
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Customized dashboard
  • Fast Integration
  • Cost-effective data storage
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  GI.Connectivity - Open and Flexible Interfaces  
System integrators need more than just a simple integration tool for their connectivity needs; they need a complete integration solution to support modern connectivity frameworks.

GI.Connectivity provides safe and reliable data exchange and interoperability through various read/write interfaces at the Edge, Desktop, and Cloud levels. GI.Connectivity will transform your Q.Series X system into the most open and flexible data acquisition and streaming platform.
  • Fieldbus interfaces, including CAN, EtherCAT, and PROFINET
  • Custom controller plugins for customer-specific communication protocols.
  • Drivers & Interfaces for LabVIEW, MATLAB, Phython, and many more
  • IIoT protocols, such as OPC UA, DDS, and MQTT
  • Edge applications for AI, machine learning, and data analytics
  • Modern APIs for device configuration and data stream access
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