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Auvidea is a global supplier of video encoders, embedded systems and carrier boards mainly based on NVIDIA compute modules  :

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Auvidea is very flexible in producing small to large quantities of standard or custom products with Auvidea's high tech in-house SMT production lines with 3D AOI. Auvidea is located in beautiful southern Germany (Bavaria).
High quality High performance
Auvidea's products are designed and manufactured in-house for excellence: high reliability, wide temperature range, ruggedness, low failure rate and cost efficiency. Auvidea's engineers carefully layout boards in-house to yield best performance at lowest radiation levels. Most products feature a NVME (PCIe) based M.2 SSD card slot for local storage (for best inferencing performance).
Longevity Passively cooled systems
Auvidea's products are built to last. They avoid using electrolytic capacitors due to limited lifetime at high ambient temperatures. We use ceramic and tantalum capacitors for better longevity and ruggedness (shock and vibration). Auvidea's N3x, JNX30, JNX80, J180, J220 and X220 carrier boards have been specifically designed for easy integration into passively cooled cases (Fischer EMB135). These can easily be customised for interfaces, design and branding.
CSI-2 cameras
CSI-2 is the best local interface for camera integration - highest resolution at lowest system overhead. Up to 8 cameras may be connected (AGX Xavier). Camera cable length may be extended with FPD-Link (JN34). Inexpensive cameras are directly supported (imx219). Other cameras like the Allied Vision cameras are supported with a simple adapter.
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