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We, at ESA Group and ESS, believe that laboratory based hands-on learning helps students truly understand and see in action the theoretical concepts taught in classrooms. Laboratory based learning helps students comprehend the real world application of technical knowledge, prepares them well for industry and enables them to solve the next generation problems in science and technology.

In order to further strengthen our academic product offering and in line with our firm belief that technology enabled laboratories are critical to holistically realize the true objectives of engineering education, ESA Group’s Company, Embedded Systems Solutions, has strategically partnered with National Instruments in India. We believe in NI’s commitment to engineering education and have pledged our support to actively support NIs “DO Engineering” initiative.

NI LabVIEW Software

NI LabVIEW Graphical System Design Environment

The heart of the NI education platform, LabVIEW helps students, teachers, and researchers build a wide range of applications in dramatically less time. It is the premier development environment for problem solving, accelerated productivity, and continual innovation.

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NI Multisim

Superior Circuits Teaching Environment

Multisim is a comprehensive environment for teaching theory and concepts in analog, digital, and power circuits courses. It is the cornerstone of the NI circuits teaching solution and reinforces electronics fundamentals while preparing students for the laboratory. The pedagogical features of Multisim are built into an intuitive interface powered by industry-standard SPICE simulation.

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Academic Site License

LabVIEW Software Included

LabVIEW Graphical System Design Environment is the cornerstone of Academic Site License. The domain-specific modules and toolkits allow education and research to dive further into application areas.

There are two available site licenses, LabVIEW and Multisim. Each site license is sold separately, and includes software for the following applications.


LabVIEW Site License

Core Engineering Measurements & Data Management Controls & Robotics Real-time & Embedded Systems Signal Processing & Communications


Multisim Site License

Circuit Design & Simulation

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Modular, Engineering Education Lab Platform

Designed specifically for education, NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) has the flexibility to engage students in comprehensive experiments with 12 common lab instruments (including an oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, and Bode analyzer) in a single device. The integrated breadboard helps students easily take circuit measurements, while an ecosystem of application-based add-on boards extend use throughout engineering curriculum.



NI ELVIS + Add-On Board + Courseware Modular Engineering Education Laboratory Platform


NI ELVIS versus Box Instrumentation

  Traditional Box Instruments NI ELVIS Talking Points

12 Integrated Instruments in a single form factor

Integration of all instruments in small form factor. Easy communication between instruments. Less cabling required.

Integration to circuit teaching environment

Fully integrated flow from circuit teaching software (Multisim) simulation, to circuit measurement

Developed for education and student use

Entire platform developed based upon “student use case” with rugged form factor with student focused controls/knobs

USB Plug-and-play

Easy connectivity and visualization to the PC.

Single Vendor Solution

National Instruments develops software and hardware

Pre-defined Lab Setups for Controls, Bio-med Telecommunications etc…

3rd party add-on boards plug directly into NI ELVIS and immediately expand platform to new applications areas

Integrated Breadboard

Integrated prototyping area that allow you to access I/O from NI ELVIS platform.


Do not compare directly to individual instruments. Strength is in integration and teaching focus of the platform. All other instruments come as “measurement tools being repurposed”

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Portable Measurement and Instrumentation Device

Designed to expose students to a hands-on learning and project development experience anywhere at any time, the compact and portable NI myDAQ integrates eight common lab instruments into one student-ready device. With access to their own measurement instrument, students gain insight into how textbook theory is applied to real-world settings without having to be in the laboratory.



Key Features


Analog Input

2 channels, 200kS/s/ch, 16-bit

Analog Output

2 channels, 200kS/s/ch, 16-bit


8 lines


1 counter

Integrated DMM

V, A, Ohm

Power Supply

+5V, +/-15V, 3.5 mm stereo audio jacks

ELVISmx SW Instruments

DMM, O-scope, FGEN, Bode, DSA, ARB, Digital In/Out

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An embedded hardware / software device designed specifically to help students design real, complex engineering systems more quickly and affordably than ever before.

Portable, Embedded Student Design Device

Leveraging industry-standard reconfigurable I/O (RIO) technology from National Instruments, NI myRIO places the power of real-time performance and customizable I/O in the hands of students. With this integrated hardware and software tool, students can quickly create applications on NI myRIO�s real-time processor to take advantage of a default FPGA personality that they can customize as projects become more advanced. NI myRIO revolutionizes the way students complete design projects and helps students �do real engineering� in one semester.

  Ni myRio Accessory Kits  




  • LEDs & switches
  • 7-segment display Potentiometer
  • Thermistor
  • Photo resistor
  • Hall effect
  • Microphone/ Speaker
  • DC motor

  • DC gear motors/encoders
  • H-bridge driver
  • Accelerometer
  • Triple-axis gyro
  • Infrared proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Ultrasonic range finder
  • Compass
  • Hobby servo motors
  • Numeric Keypad
  • LED Matrix
  • Digital potentiometer
  • Character LCD
  • Digital temp sensor
  • Bluetooth


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NI USRP Radio Prototyping Platform

Software Defined Radio Based on LabVIEW

The LabVIEW design environment with NI USRPTM (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) hardware and courseware provides students hands-on experience in wireless and digital communications. Cover introductory teaching to advanced research topics using graphical system design and integrate your .m file script algorithms to design a complete wireless communications system.



  • FM Radio - Safety Radio
  • TV - OFDM
  • GPS - Passive Radar
  • GSM - Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • ZigBee

Key Benefits

Affordable Accessible NI Supported TX and RX Real RF Signals Scales to Research

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NI Virtual Bench

NI VirtualBench features a unique design that integrates a mixed-signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply, and digital I/O. Get five full-featured, high-quality instruments in a single, compact device.

Five Instruments in One Device

Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope With Protocol Analysis Digital Multimeter Function Generator Programmable DC Power Supply Digital I/O


Digital I/O

Programmable DC Power Supply

Digital Multimeter


General Specifications

  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi
  • OS Support: Windows XP or later, iOS 7 or later (iPad only)
  • Driver Support: C, LabVIEW 2013 or later
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NI Compact DAQ

Modular, Sensor-Ready Data Acquisition Platform

NI CompactDAQ is an industry-standard, modular data acquisition platform that can be used in benchtop and laboratory settings or mounted directly to test setups. The ecosystem of I/O modules provide the signal conditioning required to directly connect sensors while the integration with LabVIEW enables customers to acquire, analyze, display, and log data in minutes.


Multiple Timing Engines to Acquire from Different Modules at Different Rates

With the cDAQ-9174/78 chassis, you can install a thermocouple module next to an accelerometer measurement module and acquire from both simultaneously at different rates. The cDAQ-9174/78 chassis have multiple analog input timing engines, which means you can group all of your analog input modules in up to three sets of modules. These sets, known as tasks, can all run at different rates because each one has its own timing engine in the chassis backplane. This alleviates the need to decimate or parse lower-speed data from the higher-speed data as you need to do in the original cDAQ-9172 chassis.


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NI Compact RIO

Rugged, Reconfigurable Control and Monitoring Platform

With an FPGA-based back plane and real-time controller, CompactRIO is an industry-standard platform that delivers deterministic execution of control algorithms. It can be expanded by incorporating various modules including the Quanser Q1-cRIO that provides direct connectivity to Quanser plants, which are widely used for controls and mechatronics teaching and research.



The CompactRIO controller includes a processor and reconfigurable FPGA. The processor is used for network communication, data logging, control, and processing with the deterministic and reliable NI Linux Real-Time OS. With the user-programmable FPGA, you can implement custom hardware for high-speed control, inline data processing, or complex timing and triggering.


LabVIEW is the only system design software that delivers an entire toolchain to efficiently design, prototype, and deploy embedded systems for monitoring and control applications. By pairing LabVIEW with hardware based on the LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture, the NI approach to graphical system design increases innovation, enhances productivity, and reduces time to market.


NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) expansion chassis scale the benefits of the NI C Series platform to RIO applications requiring hundreds or even thousands of channels. C Series modules provide integrated signal conditioning and connection terminals, making them an efficient solution for large mixed I/O systems without the need for external custom circuitry and wiring. Each expansion chassis also contains a Xilinx FPGA that is programmable with the LabVIEW FPGA Module, giving you control over high-speed and customizable I/O timing, inline processing, and control.

C Series

C Series modules provide high-accuracy measurements for advanced monitoring and control applications. Each module contains measurement-specific signal conditioning, bank and channel-to-channel isolation options, and support for wide temperature ranges to meet a variety of application and environmental needs�all in a single rugged package. With more than 100 C Series modules for measurement, control, and communication, you can connect your applications to any sensor on any bus.


I/O Modules

  • Voltage Input and Output
  • Current Input and Output
  • Temperature
  • Digital Input and Counter/Timer
  • Digital Output and Pulse Generation
  • Relay
  • Resistance
  • Strain and Bridge
  • Accelerometers and Microphones
  • Timing and Synchronization
  • Motion
  • Serial Communication
  • CAN Communication
  • CANopen Communication
  • PROFIBUS Communication
  • PROFINET Communication
  • DeviceNet Communication
  • LIN Communication
  • Engine Control
  • Removable Storage
  • Wireless
  • Third-Party Modules
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Recommended Solutions in Engineering Applications
Application Portable Teaching Lab Industry / Research Software

Introduction to




LabVIEW Math script RT Module 

Analog and
Digital Circuits







NI ELVIS + Add on Board


LabVIEW Real-Time Module

Measurement and




LabVIEW Math script RT Module

Controls and Mechatronics


NI ELVIS + Add on Board


LabVIEW Real-Time Module
LabVIEW control Design and Simulation module
LabVIEW Math script RT Module

Embedded Systems


NI ELVIS + Add on Board


LabVIEW Real-Time Module

RF and Communications




LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit
LabVIEW Math script RT Module

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