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Video Tutorials on using PEAK-System products are available on official YouTube channel of PEAK-System Technik GmbH.

PEAK-System Technik
Founded in 1999, PEAK-System is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for the mobile and industrial communication sector with emphasis on the field buses CAN and LIN. The product range includes:
  • CAN FD connections for High-speed USB 2.0, PCI Express, PCI Express Mini, and M.2
  • CAN/LIN interfaces for conventional PC interfaces and embedded applications
  • I/O modules with CAN connection for control, measured data recording, and processing
  • Converters for different physical transmission types (bus converter modules)
  • Routers and gateways for the forwarding of messages between CAN buses and other networks
  • Data loggers and diagnostic hardware
  • Products for education, demonstrations, and test setups
  • Chip solutions for the CAN and CAN FD connection to USB and PCI Express
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  • CAN development systems for Windows��10, 8.1, CE 6.x and for Linux
  • Programming interfaces for various protocols and standards
  • Software to monitor and diagnose CAN and LIN busses
  • Programs for recording, playback, and simulation of message traffic
  • Configuration software for CAN hardware from PEAK-System
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Key Accomplishments
  • First company with a working CAN FD interface worldwide
  • Provides unique 4-channel CAN interfaces for embedded applications
  • PEAK- System CAN Linux driver is part of the Linux Kernel
  • PEAK- System PC interfaces are delivered with a huge variety of free APIs
  • Helpful CAN accessories
  • PC adapter cards for PC/104 Small Form Factor Boards
  • CAN and adapter cables for various applications
In addition to development and distribution hardware and software products, PEAK-System Technik provides know-how in form of different services:
  • Custom-designed hardware and software development as well as hardware adjustment
  • Production of PCB layout, including board fabrication and equipment if desired - from prototype to series
  • Creation of user manuals, maintenance instructions, as well as any kind of technical documentation
  • Courses about CAN basics and products from PEAK-System
PEAK-System from Darmstadt, Germany was successfully certified according to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. With the certification the company provided a documented proof of its quality-conscious and customer-oriented business as well as its responsible management of resources and environment.
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