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Embedded Systems Solutions (ESS), in partnership with Intel Software India, provides COMPREHENSIVE HPC ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS for universities, research facilities and training institutions. The comprehensive solution provides HPC Courseware, HPC Hardware, HPC Software and Development Tools supported by Faculty Development Programs (FDP) required for deploying academic solutions.

ESS and Intel Software India, continuously collaborate with academia to develop HPC curricula and HPC courses to ensure that today�s graduates have the necessary skills to contribute to the innovation trends powered by HPC.

ESS Intel HPC Academic Solutions provide the following:

  • High Performance Computing Curricula and Courseware
    The HPC Academic Solutions provide the curricula topics best suited for HPC Courses for Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programs along with supporting lab exercises. Importantly, the complete courseware will be provided as part of the proposed comprehensive HPC academic solution. The solution also details the recommended text books and additional online learning resources available to students and faculty to support classroom learning.

  • High Performance Computing Labs: Hardware Infrastructure and Required Software Tools
    The HPC Academic Solutions provide the required HPC hardware platforms, software, and tools to build HPC Laboratories at universities; importantly, this proposed infrastructure can also be used for researchers/scientists for their highly computational intensive pure science and engineering research.

  • Faculty Training Program
    The HPC Academic Solutions provide Faculty Development Programs to train faculty on key HPC topics including hands on lab exercises and activities. This training program can also be extended to researchers pursuing research areas which are computation intensive and require HPC platforms solutions.

    This Faculty Development Programs cover both hardware and software aspects of High Performance Parallel Computing. It is mainly focused on parallelizing concepts, multicore architectures and manycore architectures for HPC, parallel programming methodologies and important Intel software tools for HPC.

    Additionally, guest lectures will be provided for faculty the first six months of deploying the HPC academic solution to help ease the learning curve for the faculty and students.

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