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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel share a passion for delivering constant innovation on the cloud. Together, they have developed a avriety of resources and technologies for High Performance Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

Unlock the Potential of Your AWS Instance with Intel Parallel Studio XE

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Intel Accelerating AI


AWS Machine Learning Acceleration with Intel


Optimized Deep Learning Frameworks on EC2 CPU Instances

AWS DL AMI v6.0 includes Intel® Optimizations for TensorFlow* - pre-built and ready to use with Intel® Math Kernel Library and Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel® MKL and Intel® MKL-DNN) primitives.
For the data scientist, consequences of using Intel Optimization for TensorFlow manifest as significant speedups across the deep learning design space. Figure 1 xompares default TensorFlow (previously available in AWS' DL AMI V5.0) vs. Intel Optimization for TensorFlow (currently available in AWS' DL AMI V6.0) training throughput on four benchmark topologies: InceptionV3, ResNet50, ResNet152 and VGG16.
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