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USB Hubs & Isolators
Sealevel industrial-grade hubs add four or seven USB ports to a host computer. And for medical-grade isolation of your connected USB devices, look no further than Sealevel’s SeaISO USB isolators.
USB Hubs
Sealevel USB hubs are designed for rugged applications requiring wide operating temperature range and long-term availability. Choose hubs with charging downstream ports that are perfect for charging batteries or powering high-current USB peripherals. Optically isolated hubs protect computers from damaging surges, spikes and ground loops commonly found in industrial and OEM applications.   USB Hubs
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SeaISO USB Isolators
SeaISO USB Isolators   Sealevel USB isolators are UL Recognized and provide 4 kV of medical-grade isolation between the host control system and connected USB equipment. SeaISO isolators protect connected USB devices from harmful ground loops, damaging transients and surges commonly found in commercial, industrial and medical environments.
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