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  TPT MiL Testing. The smart way to test Simulink models.

We designed TPT to be the best testing tool for Simulink and TargetLink models. Every model that runs in Simulink can be tested with TPT. It does not matter if your model is small or large. TPT masters your tests and simplifies creation, management, maintenance and analysis of tests. That’s why TPT is the ideal tool for Model-in-the-Loop testing for Simulink and TargetLink models.

TPT manages your tests – and you save time to drive your business.

Testing Simulink models with TPT. How it works.

Test setup and execution of Simulink or TargetLink models with TPT is easy. You only have to make a few configurations. TPT does the rest – fully automated in the background including MiL-SiL Back-to-Back testing.

Typically, Model-in-the-Loop testing is done in Simulink. Just create the test cases and execute them in Model-in-the-Loop MODE in Simulink. Next, you generate your code with TargetLink, Embedded Coder or Simulink Coder to execute them for Software-in-the-Loop testing MODE. After automatic code generation the test cases can be executed automatically. This way the test results can be easily compared – in a completely automated way and with error-tolerant signal comparison ( see Test Assessment ).
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