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Intel Media Server Studio Editions


Essentials Edition


  • Cross Platform Support with Linux* and Windows* under a single Intel� Media SDK.
  • H264 (AVC) Media Codec, Intel Media SDK and APIs provide access to media acceleration features such as hardware-accelerated video codecs, video processing filters, programmable graphics, and graphics drivers (using both Intel CPU/GPU) to maximize performance and server resources.
  • Essential tools and runtimes.
  • Intel SDK for OpenCL� Applications (Linux | Windows) - assists with creating, building, debugging, and analyzing OpenCL applications for the underlying architecture, providing in-depth analysis with visualization and interactive mode, which is extremely useful for optimization.
  • Metrics Monitor tool (Linux only) provides visibility into the GPU load metrics, utilization stats for the hardware accelerators (i.e VDBOX, VEBOX), and GPU execution units.
  • Intel� Premier Support, providing direct access to Intel technical experts.

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Professional Edition

  Includes Essentials edition, plus enterprise-quality HEVC and audio codecs, Intel� VTune� Amplifier performance analysis tool, Video Quality Caliper stream quality analyzer, Premium Telecine Interlace Reverser, and more.

For premium media performance, video quality, and compliance, the Pro edition adds enterprise-quality HEVC and audio codecs, and advanced video quality analysis tools. Includes:


  • Essentials edition
  • Industry standard and future media codecs: HEVC (H.265), Advanced Audio Codec (AAC), and MPEG-2. The tool provides HEVC software decoder and encoder, HEVC GPU accelerated encoder and GPU assist APIs for accelerating your own HEVC encoder on Intel HD Graphics.
  • Intel� VTune� Amplifier is a performance profiler, ideal for tuning media applications. Gather the rich set of CPU, GPU, threading, OpenCL and bandwidth metrics needed to find media processing bottlenecks. Intel VTune Amplifier provides tools to quickly analyze and interpret data. Sort and filter the results and then display it for easy analysis on the timeline, the code source and on a GPU architecture diagram that shows VDBox, VEBox, EU utilization, and bus bandwidth. Get faster code faster with extensive performance metrics and powerful analysis tools.
  • Premium Telecine Interlace Reverser (PTIR), a state-of-the-art converter, converts telecined and/or interlaced video to progressive format by removing redundancy and artifacts. It automatically performs needed processing, such as on telecined content it detects and reverses telecine patterns, and on interlaced content it performs high quality deinterlacing, resulting in video of progressive format, which can be efficiently compressed. PTIR is implemented as a plugin in the Pro Edition.
  • Video Quality Caliper provides efficient sequence-level inspection of the quality of encoded or decoded video streams. The tool provides objective metrics such as PSNR and SSIM, in addition to the ability for subjective inspection by allowing an interactive graphical interface.


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Advanced Intel Media Tools


Intel Video Pro Analyzer and Intel Stress Bitstreams and Encoder provide advanced and expert-level analysis, debugging and validation tools for decoder and encoder experts, and help your media solutions and processing development meet customer expectations.

Intel� Video Pro Analyzer

Improve video quality with advanced video analysis software tools for HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2 video coding standards. Provides deep inspection of the entire encode/decode process, test and debug media encoders; analyze streams, advanced statistics reporting, innovate for UHD, and more.

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Intel� Stress Bitstreams and Encoder

Ensure robustness of HEVC, VP9, AVS2 decoders. Validate and debug enterprise-grade media products; ensure performance with memory bandwidth stress, visual and error resilience streams. Create custom bitstreams for testing and optimize the pool of streams. Accelerate test validation cycles and speed time to market.

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Intel Media Server Studio Resources


Intel Media forums

This forum is for users to ask questions and share information with others about the Intel� Media Server Studio, Intel� Media SDK ( Intel� Media RAW Accelerator, Audio for Windows*), Media for Mobile, Intel� Video Pro Analyzer, Intel� Stress Bitstreams and Encoder and all things media related.

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Code Samples

Media Server Studio offers many code examples through two different packages i.e. �samples� and �tutorials� to get you started.

  • The sample package is a collection of code examples that showcase new and important media features of the latest APIs, and are optimized to measure performance on the underlying hardware. Here is the samples guide � Linux* | Windows* for more details.
  • The tutorial package provides step-by-step guides to learn basic media features, understand the pipeline, and are geared toward beginning users.

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  • Documentation

    Comprehensive and complete documentation is available for users at Intel Media Server Studio documentation site.
  • Case Studies

    See customer examples and use cases with Intel Media Server Studio
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