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Features of Embed

Avoid the tedium (and possible errors) associated with manually writing code for your embedded systems. Instead, automatically generate code directly from your system diagram. The auto-generated code runs rapidly and produces high-quality results - no need to hand-code in order to speed up the execution of your code. While the auto-generated code is human-readable, there is no need to edit it or tweak it manually, because the automated process is dependable - it just works.

Functional Uses of Altair Embed

  Component, Systems, Control, Mechatronic, Robotic Engineers: These engineers focus on data and processing algorithms that control the overall system.  

Typical Application - Drone

Typical Firmware Stack up


Additional Features of Altair Embed

Digital Power
The Digital Power Designer (DPD) Add On is a collection of tools used for the design, simulation, and autocodegen HIL testing of power converters. The toolbox consists of components and example systems covering Analog converter compensators, filters, coefficient converters, measurements (Average, Rms, VA/ Power Factor, Phase Detector, and more), Frequency Response, and a Dead Time Calculation. Autocodegen is available for the Texas Instruments C2000 family of microcontrollers.
Texas Instruments C2000 Digital Power Supply Workshop Evaluation Module-Hardware Support with Embed

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Communication with Real-time Cards

Communication using CAN, OPC, Serial and Ethernet
One can use a Embed model directly with other equipment using several communication protocols

Controller Area Network (CAN)

CAN is a serial network technology primarily used in embedded systems. It provides fast communication among microcontrollers up to real-time requirements, eliminating the need for the much more expensive and complex technology of a Dual-Ported RAM.

Open Platform Communication (OPC)

OPC is a software interface standard that allows Windows programs to communicate with industrial hardware devices. OPC is implemented in server/client pairs (Embed provides the client).

  The Comm Add On provides a library of components and examples to model end-to-end communication systems at the physical layer.

The Comm library consists of modulators, demodulators, channel models, filters, phase locked loop (PLL) elements, distortion-true RF blocks, forward error correction (FEC), and other components. Comm also provides visualization feature including time domain plots, strip charts, spectrum plots, eye diagrams, phase scatter plots, bit error rate curves, and other communications related outputs. Comm supports the use of complex envelope notation, also known as complex baseband representation. This allows users to use lowpass equivalent models and significantly reduce the computational complexity required to support most communication.


  ESS E- Mobility Solutions  
  E-Mobility is the latest buzz word in the market. Companies, both big and small are looking to get a head start in this upcoming industry. With the government of India aggressively promoting green technology, this is the right time to explore this market. In the current scenario, there is a great shortage of trained manpower who can do both Motor Controls and Embedded programming. Currently in various industries two or more separate resources are used for 1. Motor Controls/Drives design 2. Embedded Design of the Drives/Controller. Our Test Rig solution aims to converge the above two resources into one single resource.

Contact us to setup your Motor controls - Hardware in Loop(HIL) Test Rig !!

  Detailed proposal  
  We at ESS have meticulously compiled an out of the box - Motor Controls Test Rig with necessary Model Based design glue logic. Click here to download the detailed proposal  
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  We can arrange a short live online demo of HIL simulation of control of sensor less FOC of 1 KW BLDC hub motor + Drive + Microcontroller at your convenience.  

  • Customize your E-Motor test rig setup!!
  • Choose your E-Motor from 200W to 2000W, PMSM, BLDC or Induction Motor
  • Motor Drive with suitable controller board
  • Model Based Development tool
  • Get started Model based diagrams
  • Test and Measurement Equipment: Power analyzer/ Suitable Oscilloscope
  • Battery Substitute: Bidirectional power supply matching your E-motor Ratings

  We understand each setup is different please contact us for customizations*  
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  Know more about the E- Mobility Solutions from Altair  
Altair eMobility eGuide
Application Brochure Electromagnetics A5 Web
  References :  

Fundamentals of Electric Drives

Advanced Electric Drives

Mechantronics System Design


Dr. Duco Pulle was one of the founding members of TI InstaSPIN platform. He has developed all the control algorithm based out of Altair Embed. He is currently a professor at RTWH Aachen Germany. Dr. Duco Pulle has also authored and co-authored series of books, the applied control of electrical drives is the specific one which uses Altair�s embed to run several motors based on the TI�s InstaSPIN sensorless Technology.

How to Debug with Altair Embed
MBDusing Altair Embed
Real Time Interface using Altair Embed
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