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  emPower OS - The High-Performance Software Platform  
  emPower OS - The High-Performance Software Platform  
  emPower OS is a complete operating system for embedded systems and IoT device development.  
  SEGGER's emPower OS is a complete operating system that provides the ideal environment for any developer creating an embedded system or IoT device. It can be adapted to run in resource-constrained, single-chip microcontroller systems without external memory or scaled up for highest performance without unnecessary overhead on application processors (MPU). This all-in-one solution supports any vendor, any chip and any cloud provider making it easy, cost-effective and risk-free to change suppliers and individual hardware platforms.

Meeting all the requirements of a cutting-edge, high-performance operating system, the emPower OS software package includes:

  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Standard software libraries & middleware
  • Security algorithms and protocols
  • Connectivity libraries (USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Modbus)
  • User interface & graphic libraries
  • File system & compression algorithms

All software components work seamlessly together and are continuously tested on a variety of microcontrollers/microprocessors from different vendors. They are written in plain C and can be compiled by any standard ANSI/ISO C compiler.

Getting started with emPower OS is easy, and that´┐Ż€™s only the beginning. It also significantly reduces the time required to deliver a product by using robust, well-tested components that simply work. The software components also serve as the solid foundation used in SEGGER hardware products, such as the J-Link debug probe, the J-Trace streaming probe and the Flasher production programmer families.

  Key Features  
  • Set up with proven components
  • Makes it easy to port the software between different hardware platforms
  • Independence from single providers & manufacturers
  • One-stop solution developed & supported by SEGGER
  • Start application development immediately
  • Runs out-of-the-box on hundreds of popular hardware platforms
  • Royalty-free under SEGGER commercial licensing
  All-In-One Solution  
  emPower OS is an All-In-One Solution: All software components come from the same vendor with strictly-defined API interaction between its different modules. Each module has an RTOS-interface layer which provides the abstraction layer between RTOS and other standard libraries for communication. Supporting a multitude of devices, it can be ported easily from one hardware to another.  
  Infrastructure Independent  
  Most current embedded systems are interconnected. Whether it is called cloud or IoT or Edge, all these terms require an infrastructure to communicate over. emPower OS offers the tools to connect with any such infrastructure. It is completely independent of the infrastructure to be used making it easier to switch for any reason.  
  High Scalability  
  emPower OS is a highly scalable solution. It runs on devices of all sizes; from tiny, ultra low-power devices to high-performance machines. This means it suits the purposes of many types of enterprise and business applications. Libraries that are not required are not linked to the firmware, leaving more room and power for the actual application.  
  SEGGER Friendly Licensing  
  Under SEGGER commercial licensing, emPower OS is royalty-free. This means each license bought is a one-time payment, making the software a part of equipment expenses. These costs are static.  
  emPower Evaluation Boards  
emPower Evaluation Boards   The emPower evaluation board offers the ideal platform to run the initial emPower OS project on a proven hardware setup. It includes connectors for USB Host and Device, Ethernet and a screen. It has three expansion interfaces that may be equipped with RS232, WiFi and other modules.
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