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Quarch Technology Limited, headquarted in Aviemore, Scotland is a world leading supplier of automated test tools for Storage systems. Quarch's scalable test systems enable manufactures of data storage to get to market faster with a more reliable product. Quarch products can be highly customised allowing the system to achieve a very rapid return on investment in any test environment.

  NVMe Plugfest Testing  
Going to an NVMe Plugfest to gain compliance test results for your equipment? Get the right kit and advice to make sure you are ready to pass!  
  Hot-Swap Automation  
Debugging hot-swap failures is complex, time consuming and expensive. Save time and money use Quarch modules to fully automate your testing.  
  Drive Power Testing  
All forms of storage devices require careful power testing. This is even more critical for the latest NVMe drives, where ultra-low power sleep states are required to maintain battery life. SSDs also introduce new risks of data loss on power. Quarch power modules allow engineers, reviewers and end users to measure power very easily with no complex setup, and at a low price point.  
  Gen4 PCIe Testing Tools  
Hot-swap, lane configuration, fault injection, signal driving and power injection automation for PCIe Gen4 slots.