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  SAS4 24Gb/s cables  
  External HD 24Gb/s cables  
  Internal HD 24Gb/s cables  


  SlimSAS 24Gb/s cables  


  MiniLink 24Gb/s cables  


  PCIe Gen 4  
  OCuLink cables  


  SlimSAS cables  


  SFF-8644 cables  


  Gen4 Adapters  
  Gen4 U.2 Adapters  


  Gen4 U.3 Adapters  


  Gen4 other Adapters  


  Gen4 Host cards  


  Gen4 Enclosures  
  U.2 Enclosures  


  U.3 Enclosures  


  PCIe Gen 3  
  PCIe Gen3 cables  


  PCIe Gen3 adapters  


  PCIe Gen3 24bay JBOF  


  PCIe Gen3 24 Port 1x4 Test box  


  PCIe Gen3 12 Port 2x2 Test box  


  PCIe Gen3 PLX based Host cards  


  PCIe Gen3 Microsemi Host card  


  PCIe 8 bay Direct Attached JBOF  


  PCIe Gen3 Switch  


  OCuLink Cables  


  Slimline Cables  


  Multi-Protocol U.2 Test System  
  The Serial Cables Multi-protocol (SATA/SAS & PCIe/NVMe) Drive Test system is composed of the base 8, 16 or 24 slot test system configurations and for PCIe/NVMe an additional PCIe switch enclosure is required. The switch enclosure contains two Microsemi PCIe Gen3 PFX8535 switches. 
  12Gb/s SAS Products  
  HD Mini-SAS Cables (12Gb/s)  


  HD Mini-SAS Adapters  


  12Gb/s Capable JBOD’s  
  8bay, DAS JBOD  
  The Serial Cables SA-ENC12G-01A 8-port SAS/SATA Direct Attached Storage (DAS) JBOD enables an easy upgrade to your business network’s needs; adding up to 32TB of storage using 4TB drives, and an incredible throughput of up to 1200MB/s (100% Sequential Reads) when using the latest technology SAS 12G SSDs. 


  Rackmount Trays for 8bay JBOD  


  24bay 2.5" DAS JBOD  


  6Gb/s SAS Products  
  Active Mini-SAS Cables  


  Ext HD Mini-SAS Cables (IPass+)  


  External Mini-SAS Cables  


  Int. HD Mini-SAS Cables (IPass+)  


  Internal Mini-SAS Cables  


  Mini-SAS adapters  


  SAS Cables  


  QSFP+ Products  
  QSFP+ cables  


  Scope/Analyzer Probes  
  SMA based boards  


  SMA based test cables  


  Test Adapters & Fixtures  
  PCIe Adapters and Fixtures  
  The 8639-TPA-PR test adapter or test fixture kit facilitates Source and Sink compliance testing for SFF-Hosts and Devices. These SFF-8639 fixtures utilize the multifunctional connector system supporting single/dual port SATA, dual and MultiLink SAS, and/or up to four (4) port PCIe device configurations. The SFF-8639 receptacle fixture will accept devices with plug connectors that are in accordance with SFF-8482, SFF-8630, and SFF-8680. 


  M.2 Socket 3  
  The PCIe M.2 Socket 3 test adapter or test fixture kit facilitates Device and Host compliance testing for PCIe M.2 Socket 3 Source and Sink devices. 


  M.2 Socket 2  
  The PCIe M.2 Socket 2 test adapter or test fixture kit facilitates Device and Host compliance testing for PCIe M.2 Socket 2 Source and Sink devices. 


  SAS Adapters and Fixtures  
  Mini SAS HD  
  The MSASHD-TPAR-PRC Mini-SAS HD test adapter or test fixture kit will facilitate Host and Device compliance testing for Mini-SAS HD Source and Sink devices.