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Universal Device Programmers and EPROM Erasers
  ESA ICE-1  

ESA ICE - 1 is a cost effective and versatile development/debugging tool, extremely useful for Educational Institutions, R&D Labs and Industries. It has an RS 232 C port through which it can be interfaced with Host computer systems / CRT terminals. ESA ICE 1 supports a variety of popular 8 bit processors and provides a powerful command set for the development /debugging needs.

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  ESA ICE-2  

ESA ICE-2 is an advanced and powerful In-Circuit Emulator which can be used to create a highly sophisticated debugging environment in a cost-effective way. ESA ICE-2 supports all the features ( in enhanced form ) of our earlier popular ESA ICE-1 model and provides many additional useful features like real time trace collection, realtime breakpoints, more informative display of trace buffer etc., ESA ICE-2 has an RS-232 C port through which it can be interfaced to a CRT terminal/Host Computer Systems. When ESA ICE - 2 is connected to an IBM PC/XT/AT compatible Host Computer System, many additional facilities like Symbolic Debugging, Logic State Analysis, Software Performance Analysis, Command Files etc., are available to the user and such an environment can dramatically reduce the cost of development / debugging efforts.ESA ICE - 2 is at present available for 8086/8088 operating in the maximum mode. Support for other popular microprocessors will be available soon.

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  ESA ICE-51