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  Electro Systems Associates Pvt. Ltd. (ESA) manufactures various types of Microprocessor Trainers, In-Circuit Emulators, EPROM Programmers and PC Add-on Cards which can be used for various purposes like posi- tion control, lab automation etc. One group of such PC-Add-ons is Digital I/O Cards which find application in instrumentation and control where the digital data from instruments like DPMs, Frequency Counters is to be collected by a PC or where the status of the digital signals from various sources are to be sensed. These cards can also be used for event count- ing, pulse width measuring. The output from these cards can be used to actuate external devices like stepper motors, relays, LEDs etc.

ESA manufactures a variety of Digital I/O Cards such as ESA PCI-DIOT ( Digital I/O and Timer), ESA ISA-DIO24 (24 Digital I/O), ESA ISA-DIO48 (48 Digital I/O), ESA ISA-DIO144 (144 Digital I/O), ESA ISA-DIOD (Digital I/O through discrete TTL ICs) and ESA ISA DIOT ( Digital I/O and Timer) for PC compatible systems. These cards can be inserted in any one of the free expansion slots of the PC.

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  Electro Systems Associates Pvt Ltd (ESA) manufactures a variety of Microcomputer Developement Systems inclusive of Mircroprocessor/Microcontroller Trainers, Interface Modules, In-Circuit Emulators, Device Programmers and PC Add-on Cards. ESA products have found wide acceptance in industry, R & D Labs and educational institutions as effective and convenient tools for Data acquisition, Interfacing solutions and a host of Microprocessor-based applications development. it is ESA's endeavor to constantly source the latest industry standard products and tools for applications in areas like Instrumentation, Embedded systems development, etc. The result of it is the ESA PCI DAS.

ESA PCI DAS is high performance PC Add-on which upgrades the PD system to high-speed data acquisition and process control system. The PCI Bus ESA has higher bus transfer rate, thus inceasing the speed and accuracy of the card manifold, compared to DAS card with ISA bus The package provides versatile data acquisition and transfer options comprising ADC, DAC, timers, digital I/O, Opto-isolated I/O lines, etc. An Application Programmers Interface (API) is also provided in the package that makes developing customized user application programs easy and fast.

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