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  Hardware Options  

The hardware can be used stand-alone, for development work, or integrated with other test equipment. Hardware options include:

  XJLink / XJLink2 USB 2.0 to JTAG interface  

XJLink and XJLink2 are small, portable, USB hardware devices that provide a high speed interface (480Mbps) to the JTAG chain on a circuit board.

The small, lightweight design means the XJLink or XJLink2 can easily be moved to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Advanced features, like their programmable JTAG signal pin position, switchable power supply and auto signal skew, make it easy to connect to a wide range of circuit boards. Simple to install and use due to the USB plug-and-play ability.

  XJQuad Multiport JTAG controller  

XJQuad is a 4-port version of the XJLink2 USB-to-JTAG controller. It is supplied with XJRunner software for running XJDeveloper test systems. With a range of special features it is particularly suitable for manufacturers. Each of the four ports has a high-speed interface which can be connected to up to four JTAG chains on each Unit Under Test (UUT).

In one package, you have connection testing, in-system programming, non-JTAG device testing, serial number handling and configurable log files for your audit trail, ready to test up to four boards simultaneously.

  XJTAG Expert ADF-2 Integrated JTAG boundary scan oscilloscope  

XJTAG Expert is the world's first portable Boundary Scan test solution that comes with digital oscilloscope, waveform and function generator, spectrum analyser and serial protocols analyser. Its USB 2.0 to JTAG adapter provides a high speed interface to the JTAG chain while the advanced features make it easier to test, debug and repair a wide range of circuit boards. The portable design means the XJTAG Expert ADF-2 can easily be taken to the Unit Under Test (UUT).


  PXI XJLink2  

The PXI XJLink2 module allows the integration of XJTAG into PXI-based test systems. PXI XJLink2 has one JTAG controller that can be connected to up to 4 JTAG chains, which are configurable for pinout and voltage. It is easily integrated with LabVIEWTM with a full set of Virtual Instruments (VIs) included.

  XJLink2 3070  

The XJLink2 3070, approved by Agilent Technologies, provides convenient, integrated access to XJTAGs powerful boundary scan test and programming tools from Agilent i3070 ICT machines.

  XJIO Boards  

The XJLink2 3070, approved by Agilent Technologies, provides convenient, integrated access to XJTAGs

The XJIO boards are expansion units that enable you to improve the test coverage for a Unit Under Test (UUT) by verifying the signals right through to the external connections. They will integrate with your XJTAG test system to provide access to otherwise inaccessible areas of your circuit.

With a range of digital and analogue I/O on the XJIO boards, you can increase test coverage and improve fault diagnosis.

There are two variants of XJIO boards:


The XJIO board has 208 bidirectional
digital I/O pins. more...

The XJIO-PCI board has 96 bidirectional digital I/O pins and a PCI connector (with further 64 digital I/O pins) more