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  Power Debug Pro  

PowerDebug PRO as a successor of PowerDebug II provides the users with better user experience by integrating faster host interface and faster trace data upload. PowerDebug PRO as a debug module will then be connected to the target via architecture-specific debug cables, which support over 80 microprocessor architectures in use in the embedded-market.



    Support for over 80 microprocessor architectures, e.g. ARM, Cortex, Power Architecture, Intel x86/x64, etc. Universal debug module, connect to target via architecture-dependent debug cables. Connect to CombiProbe for debugging and 4-bit system trace. USB3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet Interface to all hosts. PODBUS and PODBUS Express interfaces to Logic Analyzer modules, e.g. PowerProbe, PowerIntegrator. PODBUS Express interface to trace modules, e.g. PowerTrace PX and PowerTrace II for fast upload of trace data. Trigger connector to send and receive trigger pulses. Support for C667x.
  Power Trace II  

PowerTrace-II is the fastest trace available now. It is controlled by PowerDebug-II..

    High speed Real Time Trace Upload and full processing within 30 seconds per Gigabyte trace storage Hardware breakpoints and trigger (if supported by the on-chip debugging unit) Program and data flow trace 1, 2 or 4 GByte trace memory 500+ MHz effective sample rate with AUTOFOCUS-II self calibration 16 GBit/s total trace port bandwidth Statistic functions Performance analysis
    Code Coverage Energy Tests (with optional Analog Probe) Additional independent 17 channel logic analyzer PodBusExpress interface to PowerDebug II (Host interface of PowerDebug II: USB2 and Ethernet 10/100/1000)