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Intel® Distribution for Python*


Accelerating Python* performance on modern architectures from Intel.

Get up to 97 times faster numerical processing on SciPy stack: NumPy, SciPy, and scikit-learn boosted by the Intel® Math Kernel Library.

Speed up data analytics with pyDAAL and parallelize Python workloads with enhanced Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).

Manage packages and Jupyter Notebooks easily with conda, Anaconda Cloud, and PIP.


High-Performance Tools from Python*


Intel® Distribution for Python*, powered by Anaconda, gives you ready access to tools and techniques for high performance to supercharge all your Python applications on modern Intel platforms. Whether you are a seasoned high-performance developer or a data scientist looking to speed up your workflows, the Intel Distribution for Python powered by Anaconda delivers an easy-to-install, performance-optimized Python experience to meet even your most demanding requirements.

The all-included, out-of-the box distribution accelerates core Python packages including NumPy, SciPy, pandas, scikit-learn, Jupyter, matplotlib, and mpi4py. It integrates the powerful Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL), Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) and pyDAAL, Intel® MPI Library, and Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).