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Seminar : ‘Engineering Education & Research’ (Tools should not limit your innovation and creativity)

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28 October, 2015
at, The Gateway Hotel, Marine Drive, Cochin

National Instruments
in association with
ICT (Information & Communication Technology Academy of Kerala) http://ictkerala.org/
, and Kerala Technological University https://ktu.edu.in/


National Instruments equips engineers and scientists, across industries and academia, with tools that accelerate Productivity, Innovation & Discovery - helping you bring your research ideas to reality faster. A vast community of code libraries, from researchers around the world helps you in building up on existing ideas. The same platforms can also be used for effectively conveying engineering concepts to students.

It is no surprise that people find activities, demos and hands-on more exciting, as compared to lectures, assignments, problem sheets and step-by-step lab manuals. And students are no exception to this! Yet, hands on activities and demo activities have very little role in a typical classroom scenario.

In-class hands-on activities and demonstrations not only make the class exciting but also enhance the comprehension and retention of concepts. When implemented complementary to the lectures, it lays a strong foundation of engineering concepts in the student’s mind.

This seminar exposes tools from National Instruments that can be used as

  • effective teaching tools for hands-on learning and in-class demos
  • research platforms that enable you to quickly bring your research ideas to reality

Join us at the Engineering Education & Research Seminar to explore how to effectively convey the engineering concepts to students in a ‘Do-Engineering’ manner so that they can become the innovators of tomorrow.


  • Role of Software defined hardware tools in research and teaching
  • Acquire – Analyze – Automate using NI LabVIEW
  • An integrated approach to teach circuits: Theory > Simulation > Implementation > PCB
  • Build your own Embedded system (Mechatronics, Robotics & Control Systems)
  • Smart Grid & Mirco grid Applications
  • Wireless Communication Systems (SDR, SDN, MIMO, CR, 5G)
  • Biomedical Signal & Image Processing
  • Structural Health Monitoring, NVH Analysis, Ultrasonic NDT

Background needed for participants

Faculty interested in incorporating hands-on learning and demos into the regular classes, will benefit from the Seminar. Researchers involved in the fields of Software Defined Radio, Control Systems & Mechatronics, Robotics, Embedded Systems will get an idea of the tools used in these fields. Faculty from Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Biomedical, Aerospace, Mechanical engineering streams can attend this seminar.

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