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  Axivion Bauhaus Suite: STOPS SOFTWARE EROSION

Axivion offers you a sophisticated range of tools for automated static code analysis in the shape of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite. It supports your software system developers in ensuring high quality and long-term ease of maintenance of the code they create, thereby actively preventing insidious software erosion.
    Architecture Modelling

The Axivion Bauhaus Suite contains a complete tool for modelling architectures which poses minimal obstacles to getting started. Alternatively, you can also use your existing CASE tool for the modelling (see UML� integration).
  Architecture Verification

Architecture verification enables you to automatically detect, within seconds, whether the actual dependencies in your code comply with your architectural requirements.
    Clone detection and Management

The analyses detect both duplicates and similar points in the source code and track them over time, thereby supporting a consistent ongoing development process.
  Checking MISRA C, MISRA C++, AUTOSAR C++14, CERT C, and

Our MISRA checker covers 100 per cent of the automatically checkable rules for MISRA C:2004, MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C++:2008, approx. 90% of the rules for AUTOSAR C++14 (17.03, 17.10, 18.03 an 18.10), as well as rules for CERT C and CERT C++.
    Checking coding guidelines

Straight out of the box, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite provides you with a selection of over one thousand rule checks. The rules can be flexibly configured and you can easily define your own rules, thus enabling you to check special naming conventions.
  Static code analysis

The analyses include scalable data and control flow checks. These allow errors such as out-of-bounds access or division by zero to be detected early.
    Race condition analysis

The Axivion Bauhaus Suite assists you in diagnosing unprotected memory access (data races).
  Delta analysis

Delta analysis permits continuous baselining and automatic issue tracking over time. This enables you to focus on the important messages during your day-to-day business.
    Include Profiler

Analysis and optimization of #includes. The tool reports, for example, #includes that can be replaced with forward declarations, or that may be removed altogether. The tool’s results can be fine-tuned to follow your personal #include strategy.

Alongside standard metrics such as HIS and OO design metrics, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite also allows client-specific metrics to be monitored over time. Compliance with thresholds can be monitored automatically.
    Dead code detection

The Axivion Bauhaus Suite detects dead code based on graph reachability analysis of call relations. The analysis of library functions for product families can also be checked for unused parts.
  Cycle detection

The analysis recognises cyclical dependencies on different levels. It can identify and monitor not only call cycles (including recursions) but also component cycles and include cycles.
    UML� Integration

The Axivion Bauhaus Suite provides the option of importing models from UML� modelling tools such as Enterprise Architect™ and IBM� Rational Rhapsody� and individually adapting them for your architecture verification.
  Reporting API

You can obtain the analysis results automatically via the Reporting API. From this, you can generate your own reports and also edit them using your pre-existing reporting tools.
    Web UI

The Web User Interface makes available all the information from the analysis runs via a browser interface. This enables you to integrate any IDEs you like into the workflow.
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