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SEGGER introduces the J-Link BASE Compact and the J-Link PLUS Compact.

  SEGGER J-Link BASE and J-Link PLUS Compact Models  

The compact variants of the J-Link models are designed for minimal footprint and to mount securely and unobtrusively into development or end user equipment. Two mounting holes and small size make it simple to place the J-Link into existing equipment housings or to reserve space for direct-to-PCB mounting. The compact J-Link models enable fixed setups to be deployed using identical features, behaviour and specifications of the corresponding market-leading J-Link models.

Typical applications for the J-Link Compact models are test fixtures that are used to automate firmware verification during development. The J-Link Compact models can also be installed into development or evaluation setups for long-term test or integrated firmware re-flash in the field. It is also possible to install the J-Link Compact as a module in end equipment to reduce the number of tools that service technicians must carry around.

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  SEGGER emCrypt - Cryptographic algorithm library  

emCrypt is a secure and efficient implementation of essential cryptographic algorithms.

emCrypt provides the building blocks for today's secure protocols. Security has never been so important with the explosion of devices that are now connected to the Internet. emCrypt has proven itself within SEGGER and is the foundation that emSSL, emSSH and emSecure-RSA, emSecure-ECDSA are built upon.

  • emCrypt offers a wide range of cryptographic capabilities that are the basis of many security protocols.
  • emCrypt can be configured for minimal memory footprint for constrained devices but can also scale to faster performance on systems that have more resources.
  • emCrypt is a high-quality product designed to be used easily but without limitations.
  • emCrypt is not covered by an open-source or required-attribution license and can be integrated in any free, commercial, or proprietary product without the obligation to disclose the combined source.
  • emCrypt is provided as source code and offers transparency for all included modules, allowing inspection by auditors.
  • emCrypt is portable. The complete software is written in ANSI C and is compiler and target independent. It can be implemented in PC applications and in embedded designs.
  • emCrypt is configurable. It is created for high performance and a low memory footprint. The library can be configured for size or speed. Unused features can be excluded, additional features can easily be added.
  • emCrypt supports pluggable cryptographic algorithms and hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration for popular microcontrollers is available as an option.
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  SEGGER Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)  

Everybody talks about the Internet of Things (IoT), we provide everything to build it. Today IoT encompasses a diverse range of smart connected devices and capabilities. This means a broad range of embedded software requirements need to be satisfied when developers are choosing their IoT solution partner. With SEGGER you can accelerate time to market with security, connectivity, reliability and tools that simply work.

  Segger Software for IoT Devices  

What is an IoT device?

At first there is the functional side of the IoT device. This functional part is essentially an embedded system as we have known for years. IoT devices interact with each other, a server or the cloud. To achieve this, the device needs to find its counterparts, this is supported by protocols such as MQTT. The connection itself is handled via IP or UDP based protocols.

Communication increases the exposure of the IoT device, which makes it more important to keep the different aspects of security in mind during development. There are multiple ways to attack an IoT device, so it better uses secure components such as Transport layer security, secure shell, digital signatures and certificates to block out unwanted communication or snooping.

As the environment for the IoT device constantly changes, another security component is its ability to adapt to these changes. This makes it a requirement to allow in-field-upgrades.

How does SEGGER support the development of IoT devices?

Software IP components from SEGGER such as emSSL, emSSH, emSecure Crypto libraries, HTTP Web server, and embOS/IP to name a few, can be used as foundations for your securely, connected IoT device. Our software works on any MCU. We work with all the major semiconductor vendors, keeping on the pulse to enable the next generation of designs. Take embOS-MPU RTOS for example. This super reliable OS works effortlessly on today's Cortex-M and is already primed to support the next generation ARM V8-M architecture.

Connected devices requiring User Interface (UI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) support can take advantage of SEGGER's popular graphics package emWin. Licensed by many of the top semiconductor companies, its popularity is a testament to its robustness and flexibility, perfect for implementing your custom graphical interface.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution, in addition to our software suites, system developers can also take advantage of SEGGER's Embedded Studio IDE, our SystemView tracing tool and industry leading J-Link debug probe, all from one reliable, established vendor. 

Bespoke IoT solutions can also be developed on demand utilizing SEGGER's embedded engineering know-how and expertise. 

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  Dropbox Client  

Using SEGGER middleware to access Dropbox

The SEGGER Dropbox client is a software library that allows you to easily gain access to your Dropbox account using emSSL and any TCP/IP stack that supports sockets.

This allows you to share files between different devices or to publish files like updates to your devices using a Dropbox account.


    Supports file upload & download Supports Dropbox API v1 Support for Dropbox API v2 available upon request Simple to integrate Small footprint No royalties 
  Dropbox Client  
  Use cases for a Dropbox client

Dropbox allows you to synchronize and access files across multiple devices by cloud hosting your files. While Dropbox can be used to synchronize the complete content of an account, selective access to files is possible as well. This can be used to transfer files between multiple endpoints like a number of devices in the field (Clients) and a central management instance (Host).
  Use cases for a Dropbox Client  
  Dropbox access in this example allows the host to publish files like firmware updates or control instructions to the clients by storing them in your Dropbox account. The clients can then fetch these files at any time they are available without the need for the host to be available at the same time.

In the same manner the clients are able to store files like log output onto the account that can be fetched by the host at any desired time without the clients being online all the time.

Download SEGGER Dropbox client PC evaluation
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