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  ISO/ANSI C source codeSupports USB 1.1 / 2.0 devicesFull/High Speed supportBulk communication component with Windows kernel mode driver available MSD component availableVirtual MSD works without file systemSign & Verify drag-and-dropFIPS specifications issued by NIST (FIPS 186-4)  
  emSSL is a SEGGER software library that enables secure connections across the Internet. emSSL offers both client and server capability. SSL/TLS is a musthave in nearly every application which is connected to the Internet. Products for IoT, smart grid or home automation markets benefit from securing their communication.  
  Suitable for Single-Chip Systems  
  The minimized RAM usage enables operation of emSSL on single-chip systems. a secure connection between browser and the web server requires only 7 KB of RAM. This way, even small embedded devices can establish secure connections.  
  Secured Connections  
  emSSL offers the possibility to establish a secured connection to any server application from your product. It can be used both target independent in native computer applications, and in embedded targets.  
  The emSSL Package  
  emSSL is a complete package and comes with everything needed to secure communication. It includes all modules to implement the required functionality to use SSL. They are provided in source code to allow complete control of the code used in the product and create transparency to avoid worries about possible back doors or weakness in code, which cannot be checked in precompiled libraries.  
  emSSL Makes it Easy  
  emSSL comes with a simple, yet powerful API to make using emSSL in your product as easy as possible. It also includes sample applications in binary and source code, which demonstrate how and when emSSL can be used in real life scenarios. For a list of included applications, see the chapters below.  
  emSSL is built for high performance with target independent code. It is completely written in ANSI-C and can be used in any embedded application, as well as in PC applications.  
  emSSL is created for high performance and a low memory footprint. The library can be configured to fit any speed or size requirements. Unused features can be excluded, additional features can easily be added.  
  Supported Cipher Suites  
  emSSL includes the most commonly used cipher suites, which allows connection to nearly every TLS-supporting server. With emSSL the cipher suites can be added dynamically. When the required cipher suites are known it is possible to create a minimal size configuration by not linking in unused algorithms. This is can be done by the compiler/linker automatically. With the included scan suites application it is possible to find out the required cipher suite(s) to connect to a server.  
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