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Embedded Studio is a complete all-in-one solution for managing, building, testing and deploying your embedded applications: From the Project Generator which gets you easily started with common ARM microcontrollers, to the powerful Project Manager and source code Editor, the included C/C++ Compiler and the integrated Debugger with advanced debug information windows and direct J-Link integration, right through to version control features for automatic deployment of your applications.

  This short video helps you in getting started with the SEGGER Embedded Studio and explain its salient features.  
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  Embedded Studio Project Importer  
  This short video helps you in getting started with the SEGGER Embedded Studio and explain its salient features.  

Embedded Studio (3.10 and above) supports the use of external tool chains. This includes compilers from IAR and Keil.

The feature allows building with the external compiler while at the same time allowing developers to take advantage of the superior Embedded Studio IDE features of managing projects and advanced debugging capabilities.

With this feature any project imported to Embedded Studio will simply build on the original tool chain without changes. Developers can seamlessly and completely migrate to Embedded Studio while still retaining the ability to re-build projects with the former tools during the transition time.

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  Target Support  

Embedded Studio can be used with almost every ARM microcontroller. This includes the ARM7 / ARM9, Cortex-M0 / Cortex-M1 / Cortex-M3 / Cortex-M4 / Cortex-M7 and Cortex-A / Cortex-R series.

Embedded Studio licenses are for Cortex-M only, or a license for the full range of ARM microcontrollers.

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  Compiler included  

Embedded Studio comes with the pre-built, ready-to-run GCC and LLVM compiler toolchains. Once your project is created, it is ready to be built, downloaded and run.

Embedded Studio also includes roalty-free ANSI / ISO C compliant C /C++ libraries for input and output using the C standard functions printf and scanf.  The C libraries are developed and optimized for embedded applications. Embedded Studio automatically chooses the suitable library for your device architecture and provides additional settings to switch between different library configurations which may be optimized for size, speed or functionality.

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  Feature-packed Debugger  

Embedded Studio integrates a feature-packed graphical debugger with J-Link integration for direct debugging on your target hardware. All well-known J-Link features can be used with Embedded Studio.

The Debugger includes various debugging windows, useful for gaining advanced information about the application and its execution, including mixed-mode disassembly in addition to the source code, an I/O Terminal for semihosting, SWO and SEGGER's Real-Time Terminal and a scriptable Threads window supporting RTOS awareness for embOS and FreeRTOS.

  This Short video lets us know on how to configure and connect the SEGGER J-Link to SEGGER Embedded Studio  
  Embedded Studio Licenses and Support  
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