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  Alternative key generation schemes: RSA and ECDSA - Dual keys, privateand public make it 100% safe. Hardware-independent, any CPU, no additional hardware needed. High performance, small memory footprint. Simple API, easy to integrate. Applicable for new and existing products. Complete package, key generator and tools included. Drag-and-drop Sign And Verify application included. Full source code. Free 'Sign & Verify' Windows Version to Protect Personal Files.  
  In today’s world, protecting one's reputation as a device manufacturer is more critical than ever before. No company wants to make headlines for the wrong reason. emSecure can help you in the fight against firmware hacking and device cloning.  
  Keep Customers Safe  
  emSecure is a software solution to securely authenticate digital assets, based on the concept of digital signatures. Deploying emSecure can help authenticate any plug-in card or attached device that contains a microprocessor capable of running emSecure. It is much simpler than digital certificates to implement and deploy, but offers the same level of protection and more flexibility. Critically, emSecure is not licensed on a per-device basis, lowering your costs for production runs.  
  Protect against Cloning  
  One important feature is that it protects an embedded device against the creation of a clone by simply copying hardware and firmware.  
  Indispensable for Critical Devices  
  And it can do much more, such as securing firmware updates for any kind of embedded device, licenses, serial numbers or other sensitive data. emSecure is therefore indispensable for critical devices such as election machines and payment terminals or any other tamper proof application in the industrial, automotive and health care market. Based on asymmetric encryption with two keys, it cannot be broken by reverse engineering.  
  Created for Embedded Systems  
  The source code has been created from scratch for embedded systems, to achieve highest portability with a small memory footprint and high performance. However, usage is not restricted to embedded systems, but includes for example PC, and smartphone apps.  
  Developer Friendly  
  It is licensed in the same way as other SEGGER middleware products and does not rely on any foreign code or code licensed under an open-source or even "viral" GPL-style license. With its easy usage, it takes less than half a day to add and integrate emSecure into an existing product.  
  Using emSecure is Easy  
  emSecure has a simple yet powerful API. It can be easily integrated into an existing application. The code is completely written in ANSI C and can be used platform- and controller-independent. Key pairs can be generated on a computer, as well as on any embedded system itself. The generated keys can be exported into different formats to be stored in the application code or loaded from a key file. This allows portability and exchangeability between different platforms.  
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