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QNX Momentics Tool Suite
  The QNX Momentics Tool Suite offers a comprehensive, Eclipse-based integrated development environment and powerful command-line tools that are ideal for developers familiar with Linux and POSIX-compliant

Regardless of whether work is on Linux, macOS or Windows, the QNX Momentics tools enable development teams to quickly create, debug, optimize and deploy embedded software projects, including projects built with the QNX Neutrino RTOS, the QNX® OS for Safety, the QNX® Hypervisor and the QNX® Hypervisor for Safety.

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite at a Glance

Fully Integrated IDE

  • Based on open Eclipse Framework
  • Support for Eclipse Marketplace
  • Manage and control Source
  • Edit and Compile
  • Debug on Host or Target
  • Unit Test
  • Ensure code Courage
  • Profile Memory
  • Detect Runtime Errors
  • Built Target Images
  • Monitor Targets

Multiple Development Hosts

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows

Familiar Environment

  • C18 and C0017 support
  • Perk Python, Toybox
  • GCC compiler
  • GDB debugger
  • Valgrind Runtime Error Detection
  • Familiar environment for Linux developers

Board Support Packages

  • Support for the latest ARMv8 and x86-64 Processor
  • Continued support for ARMv7


  • Example Projects
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Online manuals
QNX Board Support Packages

QNX Board Support Packages (BSPs) provide an abstraction layer of hardware-specific software that facilitates implementing the QNX Neutrino RTOS on your board. BSPs are architecture-specific, board-specific, and may even be board revision-specific.

BSPs also serve as a delivery mechanism for the components that define startup behaviors, typically:

  • a hardware-specific Initial Program Loader (IPL)
  • startup code
  • utilities, such as a real-time clock and a hardware watchdog, that include some hardware-specific code or configuration
  • device drivers, such as drivers for a serial port, Ethernet, PCI server, SPI NOR, SATA, USB, etc.

Our extensive BSP Library includes BSPs for SoCs manufactured by all leading hardware manufacturers, We are continuously adding new BSPs to our library and developing custom BSPs requested by our customers. To check latest BSP support click here
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