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LCR Meters


GW Instek offers high-precision LCR meters: the LCR-8000G/LCR-800 series which are designed for a variety of applications such as production testing, QC inspection, and design verification, etc. Reliable operability, accurate results, user-friendly interfaces, and automatic testing functions make the LCR-8000G/LCR-800 series one of the best choices for passive component tests.

Other than the LCR-8000/LCR-800 series bench-top LCR meters, GW Instek also provides the LCR-900 series hand-held LCR meters to make quick and basic LCR measurements at an affordable price.

Benchtop LCR Meters
LCR-8200 High-Frequency LCR Meter
GW Instek launches a new series of high-frequency LCR meter ~ LCR-8200, which has five models and the maximum test frequency is up to 30MHz. The entire series adopts 7-inch color display and features a high measurement accuracy (0.08%). The series also provides USB storage function when operating in the graphics mode. The wide variety of features of the LCR-8200 can help users easily respond to the test requirements of passive components in R&D, engineering, and production.
  LCR-8200 High-Frequency LCR Meter
  • USB Storage available
  • ALC function available
  • Standard Interfaces : RS-232C, USB host/device, LAN, GPIB and Handler
  • Universal power input
  • Wide Test Frequency: DC, 10Hz ~ 30MHz/20MHz/10MHz/5MHz/1MHz
  • 7” LCD color Display
  • 0.08% Basic Accuracy
  • Displaying Four Measurement results simultaneously from 17 selectable measurement parameters freely
  • 15 steps List Measurement
  • Two Curves Sweep Mode
  • Internal DC Bias Voltage �12V
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  • Wide Test Frequency 20Hz ~ 10/5/1MHz
  • 0.1% Basic Accuracy & 6 Digits Measurement Resolution
  • Large LCD Display with Intuitive Interface
  • Full Measuring Functions with DUT V/I Monitor
  • PASS/FAIL Function ( abs, % or delta) with Judgment Alarm
  • DC Resistance Measurement
  • Multiple Step Mode
LCR-8000G Precision LCR Meter
  • Standard RS-232C/GPIB Interface
  • Optional DC Bias box
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Handheld LCR Meters
  Handheld LCR Meters LCR-900   Features
  • 20,000/2,000 Counts Dual Display
  • Test Frequency : 100/120Hz/1/10/100kHz
  • Auto LCR Mode for DUT Measuring
  • 0.2% Basic Accuracy
  • Measurement Parameter : L,C,R,D,Q,ESR,θ,DCR
  • Parallel/Series Testing Mode
  • Sorting Mode for Quality Control
  • 2Wire or 5Wire Measurement Available
  • Data Hold and Zero Mode Supported
  • Max/Min
  • Auto Range, Auto Backlit
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