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Gurunatham G.V.

Gurunatham G.V.

Founder, President and CEO of ESA Group Companies


A true academician at heart, equipped with his experience with teaching Microcomputer development systems and applications at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Gurunatham started out on his successful entrepreneurial journey with a humble beginning in early 1980's - Designing and manufacturing Microprocessor / Microcontroller trainer kits for educational institutions. With a small but a highly accomplished and committed team, his colleagues and friends from IISc Bangalore, Gurunatham incorporated Electro Systems Associates in 1986.

Apart from Trainer Kits, Evaluation Boards and Microcomputer Development Systems and App, the ESA team is also associated with various MNCs, PSUs and Governments organizations offering embedded systems design and development services.

Gurunatham believes that industry relevant, learning platforms will greatly help students jump start their productive careers. His personal ambition continues to be, for ESA to continually offer latest embedded technology learning tools for students and manpower development. Even today, the ESA trainer kits serve as ESA's best brand connect with most engineers in the Indian electronics and embedded industry.

As he gained industry knowledge and built strong customers relations, he was quick to understand the potential for Embedded Development Tools market in India (very niche in early 1990s). He avidly partnered with leading manufacturers worldwide to bring their solutions to the Indian market and hence was born Embedded Systems Solutions (ESS) in 1996.

Gurunatham strongly believes that ESA Group can help customers succeed and stay competitive by offering them a broad based Tools Ecosystem supported by competent technical services. The best of class embedded tools and off the self proven solutions can help customer's focus and fast track their product development, in time to the market without compromising on quality.

Gurunatham continues to be instrumental in the success and growth of the ESA Group. With his sharp business acumen and strategic industry insights, he ensures that the ESA group stays profitable and competitive in the fast changing embedded marketplace. He constantly seeks new partnerships to keep abreast with latest in the embedded systems industry and pursues joint ventures to exploit bigger value-contributing market opportunities.

Over the years, he has become well known in the industry for his good, empowering, respectful and trusting relationships with partners, customers and his employees. He continues to deeply care for the people he works with and values them as his greatest assets.

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