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Wireless and iMX Kits
  To give you a head start, we have created a document describing ways to use wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, XBee, and Cellular networks with the Embedded Artists COM Boards and iMX Developer's Kits

Document: Wireless Communication on iMX Developer's Kits

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IMX7 Dual COM Board
  A new COM board with the iMX7 Dual has been released

The iMX7 Dual COM Board is equipped with NXP's dual-core Cortex-A7/Cortex-M4 i.MX 7Dual processor.

This processor has a heterogeneous system architecture which enables the system to run an OS like Linux on the dual-core Cortex-A7 and a Real-Time OS on the Cortex-M4. 

Get up-and-running quickly with this board by using the iMX7 Dual Developer's Kit.

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