Webinar : AWS 5-in-a-Box - High Quality Deep Tech Courses at Zero up-front Cost

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AWS 5-in-a-Box

High Quality Deep Tech Courses at Zero up-front Cost

  Get equipped with world-class Virtual Lab, Industry-Vetted Courseware, Faculty Development Program, jump-start AI-ML projects and pride of AWS branding  
  Curriculum Support
  Faculty Development
  Virtual Labs
  Industry Connect
Date Thursday, 24th Jun 2021
Time 3.30 PM IST
Planned duration 1 Hr + Q&A

Sachin Punyani, Business Development Lead AI-ML, AWS

Vinay Chousalkar, Businesses Development Lead Education, AWS

Organizer and MC:  Bhooshan Iyer, Vice President, ESS


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  Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) are rapidly making their way into real-world applications like retail, healthcare & life sciences and manufacturing. Global adoption of AI-ML technology has driven Indian Academia to introduce AI-ML courses in their curriculum in 2020. All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) published a model curriculum for an AI-ML minor/major in engineering degree. Following suit, many Indian universities have offered B.Tech in AI-ML and many more colleges are planning to do so in near future due to an ever expanding skill gap in AI-ML jobs market. Given AI-ML introduction to Academia recently there is a greater need for coordinated effort between Academia & Industry to address the gap between the demand & supply of AI-ML related skills.

AI-ML is one of the top 5 skills in demand in the industry today. This demand is reflected in the demand for Deep Tech courses from students and the requirements for skilled students in the industry. Embedded Systems Solutions(ESS) brings you a solution to help you launch high impact Deep Tech Courses.

ESS & AWS are conducting an AI-ML webinar campaign to support Indian Academia through AWS 5-in-a-Box. This webinar series will help demystify & transform the way colleges teach, learn & administer cloud based AI-ML Labs with little zero upfront investments using 5-in-a-Box. This webinar is designed for all higher education institutes who are offering or plan to offer courses in AI/ML.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professors, HoDs, Syllabus committees, University registrars, Education thought leaders, AI-ML Educators, AI-ML cloud Practitioners, AI-ML Lab technicians and AI-ML Researchers

  • Working on one or more of the following areas of A-ML research

  • Data analytics; Neural Networks; NLP; Computer Vision; Learning/ Hybrid learning; Speech recognition; Fuzzy logic; AI & Block chain


Why Should You Attend?

  • Learn about 5-in-a-Box “A Solution for Deep Tech courses at zero up front cost”.

  • Greater sensitization of AI-ML in the education ecosystem

  • Collaboration between Academia & AWS-ESS for AI-ML hands-on live projects.

  • Understand Scalable and highly available AWS systems for researchers & students to implement AI-ML


Webinar Topics:

AWS 5-in-a-Box
  • Introduction to AWS

  • 5-in-a-Box – the solution for Deep Tech Courses

  • Product demo

  • Pricing

  • Q&A


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AWS 5-in-a-Box

High Quality Deep Tech Courses at Zero up-front Cost