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PC CAN Hardware
Routers & Gateways
PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR

The PCAN Ethernet Gateway DR allows the connection of different CAN buses over IP networks.For this purpose, CAN frames are packaged in TCP or UDP message packets and forwarded from one device to another via the IP network. The PCAN Ethernet Gateway DR provides a LAN port and two high-speed CAN interfaces for this purpose.With the H-rail housing and the support of the extended temperature range, the module is suitable for use in industrial environments. The device is configured via a comfortable web interface.In addition to various status information, settings for the device itself, for the individual communication interfaces and for message transfer are available here.


The PCAN router is a two-channel CAN module which offers the possibility to use the CAN messages of both channels flexibly through the freely programmable microcontroller of the NXP LPC21 series.This provides a wide range of possibilities for manipulating, evaluating, filtering and routing CAN messages. Using the supplied library and the GNU-ARM-Toolchain Yagarto (contains the GNU Compiler Collection GCC for C and C ++), a separate firmware can be created and then transferred to the module via CAN.When delivered, the PCAN router is equipped with a demo firmware, which carries out a 1: 1 forwarding of the CAN messages between the two channels at 500 kbit / s.The corresponding source code is included as an example. The module is housed in an aluminum profile housing and is delivered in variants with two D-sub connectors or a screw terminal block.

PCAN-Router Pro

With the PCAN router Pro, the data traffic of four high-speed CAN buses can be linked to one another as desired.The behavior of the router is configured using the included Windows program PPCAN editor via the CAN bus.In addition to the pure forwarding, CAN data can be processed, manipulated and, for example, filtered.For the creation of a configuration, the user has a large number of function blocks and other settings available.In addition, a virtual fifth CAN channel allows the recording of all data traffic on a CompactFlash card. As an alternative to the standard firmware, which is provided with the PCAN router Pro at the time of delivery, it is possible to create and use its own firmware based on the ARM microcontroller NXP LPC2294.Included in the package are a library and the GNU-ARM-Toolchain Yagarto (contains the GNU Compiler Collection GCC for C and C ++).


PCAN-LIN enables communication between CAN, LIN and serial devices.The various modes can be set via a configuration software.For example, the module can request data as a LIN master and send the received LIN data to the CAN bus and / or the serial interface.Data can be passed between CAN and LIN with ID offset.