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PC CAN Hardware
PC CAN Diagnostics & Education

The PCAN MiniDisplay is used as a human-machine interface for the visualization of CAN data.For connection to CAN buses, it has a high-speed and a single-wire CAN connection.The graphical representation of incoming CAN data is configured before the device is used and is then carried out via a TFT display. The PCAN MiniDisplay can also be used as a data logger.In this case, the message traffic is recorded on a memory card and can be evaluated on a PC.


PCAN-Diag 2 is a handheld diagnostic device with versatile functions for examining a CAN bus, such as the determination of the CAN transmission rate, the bus load measurement or the termination measurement.In addition to receiving CAN messages, individual and complete message sequences can be sent.In addition, the internal memory card allows the recording and playback of the message traffic. The integrated 2-channel oscilloscope enables the representation of the CAN signals, whereby individual CAN-IDs as well as different events can be used as triggers.The CAN frames are decoded based on the analogously recorded course, to detect, for example, errors in the frame.