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Video Tutorial on using several PEAK-System Software and Hardware products are available on official YouTube channel of PEAK-System Technik GmbH.

PCAN-D Sub Connection Adapter

CAN hardware from PEAK system has a 4-pin screw terminal block as CAN connection for versions in the DIN rail housing.The PCAN-D-Sub connector adapts its pin assignment to a 9-pin D-Sub connector.This makes it possible, for example, to connect our standard CAN cables and to connect the device to one of our CAN-PC interfaces. The PCAN-D-Sub connection adapter can be used in CAN-FD buses.

PCAN-Term & PCAN-MiniTerm

High-speed CAN buses (ISO 11898-2) must be terminated at the ends by a terminating resistor. The PCAN-Term and PCAN-MiniTerm adapters are used when no CAN node or a CAN node without internal termination is connected at these points. The termination adapters can also be used in CAN-FD buses.


The PCAN-T adapter makes a tap of the data lines and the ground within a CAN bus in order to connect a CAN node.The CAN node is not terminated in this case.

PCAN-Cable 1 & 2

The cables are required to set up a CAN bus and are specially designed for use in a CAN environment.If two high-speed CAN nodes are to be connected directly to one another in a straightforward way, the PCAN cable 2 with integrated termination is suitable.The PCAN cable 1 is suitable for assembling a CAN bus which should contain taps and a separate termination (products PCAN-T adapter and PCAN term). The cables can also be used in CAN-FD buses.

PCAN-Cable 3

With this cable, the two CAN-High and CAN-Low components of the differential CAN signal can be tapped from a CAN bus or directly from a CAN interface.The banana plugs allow easy connection to test and measurement setups. The PCAN cable 3 can be used in CAN-FD buses.

PCAN-Cable OBD 2

Many modern motor vehicles have the OBD-2 interface for the connection of various diagnostic and test devices. The contained CAN cables can be accessed using this adapter cable

PlotPCAN-Cable J1939

The SAE J1939 protocol specifies uniform CAN messages for communication and diagnosis between heavy-duty vehicles such as construction machines, tractors or agricultural machinery.In this area, robust connectors are often used for the on-board diagnostic connection. The PCAN cable J1939 converts the CAN lines of these connections to a D-Sub socket and thus allows access via PEAK-CAN interfaces.