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Fume Extractors

FAE1 Fume Extractor for 1 workbench FAE2 Fume Extractor for 2 workbenches
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Fume Extractors

Cartridge extractor system Intelligent Heat Management Ergonomic
Quick Cartridge Changer

Allows to switch between cartridges without interrupting your work. +info
Intelligent Heat Management

The stands incorporate the sleep & hibernation features. As a result, a JBC tip life lasts up to 5 times longer than other brands. +info

The tool holder and the cable collector are easily adjustable.
Cartridge Stand

Stand for an easy and safe cartridge exchange, wich allows you to work with different cartridge types on various soldering points.

Extractor-Inserter Cartridge Stand

Solder Reel

Ideal solution for easy soldering wire supply. It can be placed in horizontal and vertical position to suit your working needs.


Solder Reel Stand
Solder Pot
Cartridge Stand

Robust and stable unit which gives security while working and avoids tipping over accidentally.


Solder Pot Cartridge Stand
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