JBC Soldering Tools For Precision Soldering
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JBC Soldering Tools For High Precision Soldering


With this relentless drive for miniaturization comes the need for high precision soldering as manufacturers and assemblers rise to the challenge of attaching miniature electronic devices and components onto high-density printed circuit boards (PCBs).

JBCs innovative range of Nano Stations is designed specifically to facilitate the rapid placement, precision hand soldering and easy reworking of ultra-miniature components onto the surface of a PCB.

JBCs market leading NANE and NASE Nano Stations are designed to facilitate the rapid placement and precision soldering of small Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) onto PCBs.

  JBCs Exclusive Heating System :  
  The NASE and NANE Stations both feature JBC Exclusive Heating System to ensure the maximum stability at the tool tip. This enables operators to deliver high quality soldering with minimal risk of damage to the component through thermo-shock or the application of excessive soldering temperatures. Tools are designed to be lightweight with the heating element located close to the tip.

The heater incorporates a fully-integrated thermal sensor to provide accurate and virtually instantaneous temperature readings. This ensures that as soon as the operator touches the PCB with the soldering irons heated tip, the sensor instantly registers a temperature drop and instructs the station to deliver power to the heater.
  JBCs Intelligent Heat Management :  

The NASE and NANE Stations also incorporate JBC Intelligent Heat Management system to prolong the soldering tip life by allowing them to cool when not in use. The Sleep and Hibernation Modes help increase the soldering tips usable life by a factor of five.

  Working with ultra-miniature components :  

The NASE and NANE Stations come with a choice of solder tools: Nano Handle, Nano Tweezers, or one of each.

The Nano Handle is available with a selection of super-thin soldering tips for high precision work. The Nano Tweezers are the most effective tool for desoldering devices or, when used in conjunction with a pedal control, the tweezers are ideal for the rapid placement and soldering of components.

To maximise productivity, a major benefit of the Nano Stations is that they are fitted with a Quick Cartridge Extractor. This feature enables cartridges to be swapped quickly and safely without the need to switch the station off.

         Wide Range of Tip Selection

JNASE Hot Air Station Reworking usually involves de-soldering and re-soldering components. The JNASE Station is designed to enable both the hot air flow rate and air temperature to be finely adjusted. A selection of cartridges enable the air jet to be targeted precisely to help prevent heat damaging  adjacent SMDs with minimal device separation or the circuit board itself.
To enable operators to precisely position and remove ultra-miniature components, the JNASE Station includes a Pick and Place tool.
NASE Station
NASE Station is the best solution for soldering and rework of SMT components requiring the highest precision.

It works with the JBC the Most Efficient Soldering System and Sleep & Hibernation Mode.

This station comes with NT115 Nano Handle and AN115-A Adjustable Nano Tweezers. The short-distance tip-to-grip offers maximum control even when using a microscope.
  Why buy JBC?  
  Soldering at lower temperature

NASE and NANE Stations feature JBC Exclusive Heating System which allows the solder tip temperature to be reduced by at least 50C. This helps minimise the risk of heat damage to componenets and to the tip through oxidation, while improving the quality of the solder application.
  Fast Temperature Recovery

The efficiency of the heating system enables the tip temperature to rise from ambient to an operating temperature of 350C (662F) in only 2 seconds, far quicker than the majority of systems on the majority of systems on the market, which helps improve productivity.
  Increased Productivity

All Nano Stations feature JBC Qucik Cartridge Extractor to enable users to change cartridges quickly and safety without the need for special tools.
  Cartridges with extended tip life  
  The essential part of the soldering iron is the tip so JBC has over 400 models of cartridges of different sizes and shapes to choose from, depending on each application.

JBS has developed the most advanced technology based on he following principles:
  • Excellent Heat Transfer
    The compact element reduces thermal barriers.
  • Instantaneous Heating-Up
    A fully-integrated thermal sensor in the heater ensures quick temperature recovery.
  • Great Durability
    The intelligent algorithm control program extends to tip life.
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