ISO-16750-2 Pretest with ASR-2000 (D)  
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Vehicle driving process is an extremely harsh challenge for electronics manufacturers manufacturing automotive electronics. Rough-road driving, vibration from a piston-engine, electrical systems exposed to low or high temperatures, temporary exposure to unknown chemical mixtures, alternator overvoltage, and momentary drop in supply voltage all may cause the product to malfunction. Therefore, the environmental reliability requirements of automotive electronic products will be more rigorously regulated. At present, the ISO-16750 has been widely adopted and referenced by relevant automotive electronics manufacturers. ISO-16750 contains 5 parts. In addition to ISO-16750-1 General, the rest are ISO-16750-2 Electrical loads, ISO-16750-3 Mechanical loads, ISO-16750-4 Climate loads, and ISO-16750-5 Chemical loads. The sequence mode of ASR-2000 can arbitrarily edit the voltage test waveform, which is very suitable for generating the verification waveform of ISO-16750-2 Electrical loads.

Momentary drop in supply voltage by ASR-2000


Reset behavior at voltage drop by ASR-2000


Starting profile by ASR-2000


Load dump by ASR-2000

  ASR-2000 for the applications of ISO-16750-2 verification items are as follows:  
  • Direct current supply voltage
    ASR-2000 provides the maximum / minimum supply voltage to verify the DUT of a full range of 12V power supply system and the 24V power supply system.
  • Overvoltage
    ASR-2000 simulates the occurrence of overvoltage when the generator regulator fails.
  • Superimposed alternating voltage
    The internal resistance parameter requirements of the power supply is not considered. ASR-2000 collocating with a signal generator can simulate power output to have the frequency change from 1 to 999.9Hz.
  • Slow decrease and increase of supply voltage
    ASR-2000 sequence mode can simulate the battery being gradually charged and discharged.
  • Momentary drop in supply voltage
    Setting ASR-2000 power supply voltage to be interrupted instantaneously can simulate the effect caused by the melting of the conventional fuse component in another circuit. ASR-2000 can provide a minimum power interruption output of 100us
  • Reset behaviour at voltage drop
    ASR-2000 can flexibly set different voltage drop times to test the reset behaviour of the DUT.
  • Starting profile
    The starting profile generated by ASR-2000 can verify the characteristics of the DUT during and after the car ignition.
  • Load dump
    Load dump is generated when the battery powering the generator or inductive component is instantaneously disconnected. If the parameter requirements of the input impedance of the power supply are not considered, editing the ASR-2000's sequence mode can obtain the waveforms of ISO-16750 test A and test B.
  • Reversed voltage
    ASR-2000 reversed output can meet the verification requirements of various automotive electronic products.
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