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Teledyne LeCroy expands Protocol Solutions offerings into wireless protocols including Bluetooth® and 802.11(Wi-Fi) with acquisition of Frontline Test Equipment.

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, Protocol Analyzers and Storage Emulators and related test and measurement solutions that enable companies across a wide range of industries to design and test electronic devices of all types. Protocol Analyzers and Storage Emulators are tools used by designers and engineers to generate and monitor traffic over high speed serial data interfaces, including DDR, PCI Express, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA, SAS, USB and others. Both products are critical in the development of a wide variety of demanding design applications.

  Protocol Analyzers and Storage Emulators & Exercisers  

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of Protocol Analyzers and Storage Emulators, exercisers/emulators, jammers and verification tools for existing and emerging digital communications standards. Designed to generate, capture, and analyze high-speed communications traffic, Teledyne LeCroy's tools help developers to discover and correct persistent and intermittent errors and flaws in their product design.

Harmony Low Energy Tester

The Frontline Harmony LE Tester is a robust conformance testing platform, focused on the Bluetooth low energy specification. It is an integrated software/hardware test platform for Bluetooth protocol qualification testing that provides:

  • Test Manager
  • Upper Tester
  • Lower Tester

all within a single, portable box. The Harmony Low Energy Tester performs complete Bluetooth LE controller qualification testing for LE Link Layer and HCI test specifications, providing coverage for Bluetooth LE 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5 and support of upcoming Bluetooth specifications.

TLF3000 Bluetooth Tester

The TLF300 is a Bluetooth tester used to aid in production and RF physical layer (PHY) testing. The TLF3000 provides RF testing, signal generation, signal analysis and advertiser scanner in one powerful package. It includes a comprehensive library of test plans supporting all aspects of the specific Bluetooth specifications being used in the device under test (DUT). Full support for Bluetooth 5 low energy features

Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

With one click, ComProbe Sodera captures every Bluetooth channel of your environment in the 2.4 GHz band completely and effortlessly. Capture every Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready (BR/EDR and low energy) device and connection in the air, including SSP pairing, and then select the connections of interest for decryption and debugging at any time.

 ComProbe Sodera analyzer is designed with size and portability in mind – at just over 6 inches wide and deep and weighing only about 2 pounds. It is the most powerful and compact whole band Bluetooth analyzer on the market. It also comes with powering options that include both an AC adapter and a 12V vehicle adapter for use in automobiles.

Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

At long last, developers can unplug from the AC outlet and take their testing and development operations where these technologies actually live - the real world. Running on USB power, the ComProbe® BPA® 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer lets you decide how and where to work. But portability is only the beginning - the BPA 600 is equipped for greater diversity of sniffable scenarios and full Bluetooth 4.1 support.

Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
  Frontline puts problem-solving literally in the palm of your hand with the ComProbe BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer. Smaller than a deck of cards and running on USB power, the ComProbe BPA low energy packs a serious punch, decoding all traffic including advertising packets, data packets and control packets, and providing visibility into all three advertising channels concurrently, even before the connection is established. A single BPA low energy follows multiple connection requests from the same advertiser to capture the resulting connections.  
802.11 a/b/g/n Protocol Analyzer

The analysis of 802.11 and Bluetooth® data packets in one view is possibly one of the most challenging tasks for wireless device developers. Capturing the precise timing, size, and frequency of each and every packet is essential to successfully developing and debugging devices using both technologies, and until now has been an elusive objective. The ComProbe 802.11’s huge buffer allows you to capture all data with no dropped packets, and gives you precise packet timestamps synchronized with the ComProbe BPA 500 and BPA 600 through ProbeSync™ technology, which allows devices to share a common clock.

NFC-A / NFC-B / NFC-F Protocol Analyzer

The ComProbe NFC Protocol Analyzer harnesses the power of the ComProbe Protocol Analysis System software to analyze and debug NFC technology as used in applications demanding device to device, device to tag, and device as tag data transfer. Bluetooth developers exploiting the out of band pairing aspect of NFC communications will find a place for the ComProbe NFC on their workbench. This portable, USB-powered, and affordable tool for the NFC and Bluetooth developer features the rich decoding toolset represented by the powerful ComProbe software that lives at the core of all Frontline developer-class protocol analysis products.

SD 2.0 Protocol Analyzer

The USB-powered ComProbe SD provides developers and engineers with one compact and portable non-intrusive point of access to multiple bus types (including SD, SDIO, MMC and SPI), supports 1 and 4-bit modes, provides a window into native-format bus performance and command and response tokens, and allows developers to capture Bluetooth data transported over the SDIO bus.

High Speed Uart Protocol Analyzer

Frontline’s High Speed UART (HSU) Protocol Analyzer lets you capture Bluetooth HCI data directly. It is very portable and requires very little set up. Using Frontline’s ComProbe HSU analyzer you can get detailed information and display all HCI commands and events in the powerful ComProbe Protocol Analysis System (CPAS) software UI. ProbeSync enables two or more analyzers to share a common clock - when using the ComProbe HSU with the BPA® 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer, HCI and over-the-air Bluetooth data are displayed in perfect time stamp synchronization.

Bluetooth Audio Expert System

Frontline’s Audio Expert System is the first and only analysis tool on the market to combine audio analysis with Bluetooth protocol analysis, allowing developers to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a wide array of Bluetooth protocol-related audio problems.