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Altairís solidThinking Compose, solidThinking Activate and solidThinking Embed are Math, Modeling and Systems Development product portfolio exclusively brought to the Indian market by ESS & Altair. We provide simulation technology for highly engineered products catering to Aerospace, Automotive to Toys and Heavy Engineering to Consumer goods. ESS has partnered with Altair to bring to our customers Mathís, modeling and Systems design tools that allows for complete system modelling and simulation spanning from 1D to 3D implementation of systems.

  Altairís solidThinking Portfolio  

solidThinking COMPOSE


solidThinking Compose provides engineers, scientists, and product creators with a high level, Octave Compatible, matrix-based numerical, multi-computing-language with an interactive & unified programming environment for all types of math operations.


solidThinking ACTIVATE


solidThinking Activate enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems to ensure that all design requirements are successfully met while also identifying system level problems early in the design process.


solidThinking Embed


The core product, solidThinking Embed, is used for general modeling, simulation and control system design applications. solidThinking Embed is an award winning graphical block diagram language for modeling and simulating complex dynamic systems.

VisSim's visual interface offers a simple method for constructing and simulating large-scale complex dynamic systems; its math engine provides fast, accurate solutions for linear, nonlinear, continuous time, discrete time, time varying and hybrid system designs.

With VisSim, you can quickly develop virtual prototypes of any dynamic system. Models are built by simply sliding blocks into the workarea and wiring them together with the mouse. Each block of the diagram performs a function. You can also create blocks in C, Fortran or Pascal and add them to the VisSim block library. After a model is built, a click of the "Go" button immediately gives interactive results.