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solidThinking EMBED

Altairís solidThinking EmbedTM Ė formerly known as VisSim Embedded Ė is a Model-Based Design environment for the development of embedded systems. Its highly efficient diagram-to-code capability shortens the development time and increases product quality.


Look & Feel:

VisSim Introduction Video Watch this quick introduction video to learn how VisSim can help you.

Rapid physical modeling, analysis and model deployment to VisSim Learn how to create high-fidelity models in MapleSim, export highly efficient, optimized ANSI-C Code and then translate the models to VisSim for analysis and deployment View the Model-Driven Innovation Presentation
  • Shortens implementation and testing phase for embedded systems.
  • Efficient code generator.
    • Fast execution time.
    • Small memory footprint.
  • Visual Real-Time Operating System.
    • Primary control rates up to 1MHz.
    • Graphical creation of interrupt handler.
  • Full On-chip Peripheral Support.

3D trajectory plot of Cornu's Spiral

3D VRML animation of a Lunar Lander

  FEATURES OF solidThinking EMBED  

Extensive Block Library for Embedded Systems

    Highly efficient diagram-to-code capability.
      Visual real-time operating system Fast run time Low memory footprint Human readable code
    State charts.
      Graphical editing of Finite State Machines. Simulation and code generation.
    Interactive SIL, PIL, and HIL.
      Parameter tuning while system is in operation. Gaining system insight through data logging, buffering, and digital scopes.
    Scaled, Fixed-Point Algorithms.
  Benefits of EMBED  

Rapid Development of Control Systems

Altairís solidThinking Embed provides a complete tool chain for the development of embedded control systems covering Software-in-the-Loop, Processor-in-the-Loop as well as Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations. You can make changes to a control diagram, and compile and download it to the target MCU in seconds. Then, while the system is operating, you can interactively update the control parameters.

Using powerful data logging, buffering, and digital scoping blocks, you can gain insight into the control algorithms deployed on the target MCU in real time.

No Hand-Coding Required

Turning control diagrams into executable, real-time capable code used to require an experienced embedded software developer. With solidThinking Embedís code generator a control design engineer can easily try out new algorithms on a target hardware without the need of hand-coding.

Affordable and Easily Configured Solution

Altairís solidThinking Embed comes in the basic configuration already with most of the tools needed for embedded development including state charts, target support, fixed-point algorithms, efficient code generators, motor control libraries, and a lot more. This results in an affordable and easy configurable development environment.

  Capabilities of EMBED  

Extensive Block Libraries for Embedded Systems

Using solidThinking Embed, you can build a model of your entire system, including the control algorithm and the plant. The control system can be built in scaled, fixed-point arithmetic, while the plant is built in full-precision, floating point arithmetic. For model construction, Embed provides extensive block libraries, including:

  • TI C2000 Motor Control block library.
  • TI InstaSPIN block library.
  • On-chip peripheral block library.
  • Fixed-point block library.
  • Motor block library.

State Charts

solidThinking Embed supports OMG UML 2.1 compliant graphical state chart editing, simulation and code generation. Combined with a built-in C interpreter, this allows fast and reliable development of complex control applications. Whether you need to decode a serial protocol or step through a complex start up or shut down sequence, the State Chart block library accelerates these tasks.

For Example:


solidThinking Embed generates efficient and compact ANSI C code for discrete, continuous, and hybrid systems. MCU target support includes a report to display the COFF section sizes of the generated execution file.

For example, code generated for closed-loop motor control Ė including PI controller, digital output, PWM, and encoder peripherals - runs at 300KHz on a 150MHz F28335 MCU.

The memory footprint is:

Code size: 2095 bytes
Initialized data: 501 bytes
Uninitialized data: 504 bytes

Interactive Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations

In MCU-in-the-loop simulation, the plant model runs on the host computer in solidThinking Embed while the control algorithm runs in real time on the target MCU. Real-time communication between the target MCU and Embed is performed via a JTAG hotlink. Embedís GUI is retained while you tune parameters and monitor real-time data. Embed also supports a PIL-synchronous communication mode that runs the target in lock step with the simulation, allowing easy verification of embedded algorithms.

For Example:

Scaled, Fixed-Point Algorithms

The Fixed-Point block library lets you perform simulation and efficient code generation of scaled, fixed-point operations. Overflow and precision loss effects are easily seen and corrected at simulation time. Auto-scaling speeds fixed-point development, while in-line code generation creates fast target code. Target Hardware Support The target-specific blocks let you easily program on-chip devices. These blocks include analog ADC, ePWM, eCAP (event capture), SPI, SCI (RS232 serial), I2C, digital GPIO, QEP (quadrature encoder), and CAN 2.0.


solidThinking Embed/ Digital Power Designer

Provides a library of components and subsystem models (including power converters, controllers, compensators, sources, and more) for digital power applications.

solidThinking Embed/Comm

Lets you model end-to-end communication systems at the signal or physical level. It provides fast and accurate solutions for analog, digital, and mixed-mode communication systems.




"VisSim/ECD has been instrumental in letting us get our controller working well and hitting our design goals and deadlines. The quality of the code generator has removed the need for an independent coding staff, which has lowered our costs and sped up overall implementation. The VisSim folks have been very helpful and responsive when we have any questions or issues. Iím happy to say that Ametek designed VisSim code will be flying in the cockpit of all Joint Strike Fighters."

- Kevin Godfrey Principal Engineer

CEG Elettronica

"I am using VisSim almost every day. As a developer of high and very-high power digitally-controlled power supplies, I don't have the time to get too much into the nitty gritty of the DSC and find the VisSim environment ideal for me. I am very pleased with the functionality and new blocks that have been added for the F280x controller from TI. You have achieved your statement (from the TI site) that VisSim ECD is capable of creating a complete control algorithm for the F280x directly from the VisSim environment. I would like to thank you for your support of VisSim and the continuing development of your software."

- Tony Boon Power Engineer

EMS Electronic Controls

"VisSim is an essential tool for us in developing motor controls for electric bicycles. Code development time is greatly reduced with VisSimís ready-to-use block sets and efficient debugging capability. The best of VisSim is its support team. They respond quickly, go an extra mile to solve issues and suggest efficient ways in implementations. For example, we asked VisSim to help us in implementing a serial communication interface (SCI) protocol for our electric bicycle system in 12/12/07. We had the system running flawlessly before Christmas vacation"

- Ziaur Rahman, Ph.D.E.E. Director Electrical Controls


"Adopting VisSim is a logical extension of the modeling we often carry out before and during system design. The user interface and its ease of use were a major attraction. The VisSim support is a level above anything I have seen before. The VisSim team's response to ALL of my questions was very helpful and timely. VisSim is also useful to explain systems and requirements to pure embedded engineers who are not control experts. The software was very easy to learn and saved us a considerable amount of time. I have already recommended it to several engineers in our company and outside, and am currently trying to introduce the use of graphical embedded systems development to our engineering teams in order to speed up many of the prototyping and early development tasks. I would eventually like to see this approach be the mainstream among our engineering teams, and am confident that with the current pace of VisSim development, this can be achieved."

- Shehab Ahmet Product Development Engineer* Shlumberger

Texas Instruments

"VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer for MSP430 provides a breakthrough in ease-of-use for microprocessor development. It is truly amazing that VisSim graphical programming can generate code to access MSP430 peripherals and perform closed loop control in less than 2K flash and 128 bytes RAM."

Adrian Valenzuela, MSP430 Product Marketing Engineer


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