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Flasher / In-Circuit Programmer
Flasher / In-Circuit Programmer SEGGER's in-circuit flash programmers are fast, robust, reliable, and easy to use. Whether the focus is on size, flexibility, portability, security, or mass production, the SEGGER Flasher Family has the perfect programmer for the task at hand. SEGGER Flashers are a family of professional in-circuit programmers, designed to be used in service environments, prototype programming, and for mass production. They program the flash (non-volatile) memory of microcontrollers and Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs) as well as (Q)SPI flashes. Flashers work with a PC or in stand-alone mode, connect via USB and/or Ethernet (Flasher PRO, Flasher PRO XL, Flasher Portable PLUS and Flasher ARM), and are cross-platform for Linux, macOS and Windows.   :

Flasher PRO Flasher PRO XL
  The “Almost-Anything” Flash Programmer

The Flasher PRO is SEGGER’s full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programmer for microcontrollers and SoCs as well as (Q)SPI flashes.
  The Universal Flash Programmer for Huge Images

The Flasher PRO XL is a Flasher PRO with extra-large memory capacity, designed to program huge images for use during the production programming process. 
Flasher Compact Flasher ARM
  The Space-Efficient Programmer

The Flasher Compact is a space-efficient twin to the Flasher PRO, primarily designed for installation into production rigs or automated test equipment (ATE) where no ethernet connection is required.  
  The Flash Programmer for Microcontrollers on ARM Core

The Flasher ARM is SEGGER’s full-featured, in-circuit, flash programmer specifically limited to ARM-based microcontrollers.
Flasher Portable PLUS Flasher Secure
  The Battery-Powered Portable Service Programmer

The Flasher Portable PLUS is a handheld, battery-driven, stand alone flash programmer, designed to meet the need for an extremely portable, production-grade flash programmer for in-field firmware updates.
  The Secure Flash

The Flasher Secure is a mass production programming system, capable of protecting the vendor’s IP regardless of the production site.
Flasher Hub with Flasher Compact Flasher ATE
  High-Volume Gang Programming

The Flasher Hub is a highly scalable solution for gang programming. It allows connection of up to 24 Flasher Compacts.
  The Modular System for Parallel Programming

The Flasher ATE uses a communication main board that distributes the commands received from an ATE, ICT or a similar automated production handler system to the attached programming modules.
Supported Devices

SEGGER Flashers support a wide range of CPU cores and an even wider range of different devices, such as SPI-Flash devices.

Thus includes support for tens of thousands of devices in hundreds of device families with billions of devices programmed.

These lists are always valid for the latest version (highest version number) of the software. This may be a release (even version number) or a beta version (odd version number) since support for some devices is usually added in a beta phase first.