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ARM Compiler enables customer to use the tool chain in the development of ISO 26262 (automotive), IEC 61508 (industrial), and EN 50128 (railway) safety-related applications.
Arm Compiler Safety Package
Arm Compiler has been used for many years in safety-related applications across a wide range of verticals including automotive, medical, industrial, avionics and railway. To simplify and accelerate the development of safety-certified systems by our customers, Arm offers a comprehensive safety package for the Arm Compiler C/C++ toolchain. The package provides customers with confidence-building evidence for the toolchain justification argument and, in many cases, can eliminate the need for any further toolchain qualification effort. It is available on selected, externally-certified branches of Arm Compiler and includes safety manual, development process document, test and defect reports, TÜV SÜD certificate with assessment reports and long term technical support contract option.
Arm Compiler 6 has been certified by safety experts TÜV SÜD as fulfilling the requirements for development tools classified as T3 according to safety standard IEC 61508-3. The certification of Arm Compiler 6 enables customers to apply the toolchain in the development of ISO 26262 (automotive), IEC 61508 (industrial), and EN 50128 (railway) safety-related applications without further qualification activities when following the recommendations documented in the Qualification Kit. It is certified as satisfying tool qualification requirements for any Safety Integrity Level. Arm Compiler 6 has also been suitably validated for use in safety-related development in relation to IEC 62304 (medical devices).