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QNX Neutrino RTOS
  QNX Neutrino® is a full-featured and robust operating system designed to enable the next-generation of products for automotive, medical and industrial embedded systems. Microkernel design and modular architecture enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership. With QNX Neutrino®, embedded systems designers can create compelling, safe and secure devices built on a highly reliable operating system software foundation that helps guard against system malfunctions, malware and cyber security breaches.  
Microkernel architecture
  • Dynamic Upgradable services and applications
  • Fine grained fault isolation and recovery
  • Message passing design for modular, well formed systems

Instrumental microkernel

  • System-wide performance analysis and optimization
  • Fast detection of timing conflict, hidden faults, ect.


  • Comprehensive, Multicore Support
  • Asymmetric, symmetric, and bound multiprocessing
  • Simple migration from uniprocessor to Multiprocessing

Graphics and HMI technologies

  • Hardware optimized composition manager supporting HTNL5, kANZI, OpenGLES, Qt 5, Storyboard, video and other 3rd party HMI Technology
  • Single unified interface from multiple UI sources
  • Modern architecture that leverages GPU acceleration and supports multi-touch input and video capture
Built in Security
  • Secure boot
  • Integrity Measurement
  • Mandatory Access Control
  • Rootless Execution

Safe By Design

  • Unique Memory Protected Architecture
  • 100% API Compatible with QNX OS for safety
  • Safety pedigree proven by certification to ASIL D in ISO26262, SIL 3 in IEC 61508 and IEC 62304

POSIX Compliance

  • POSIX PSE52 Certified
  • Support of the boardest range of POSIX API Specifications

Transparent Distributed Processing

  • Transparent network access to remote resources
  • Simplified design of fault-tolerant clusters

Networking and Connectivity

  • Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Full IPV6 and IPV4  stack support
  • USB 3.X, Host device and OTG support
  • Bluetooth v4.2 Classic and low energy protocols and profiles.

Adaptive Partitioning

  • Guaranteed system resources to built secure and reliable systems without compromising performance and flexibility

File System

  • Image, RAM, Flash, QNX, Linux, DOS, CD-ROM, DVD, NFS, CIFS, Compression, NTFS, HFS+
  • Power safe mass storage file system

Resource Management framework

  • Device drivers are implemented in user, not kernel, space.
  • Drivers can be started, stopped and debugged like any standard application

High Availability

  • Heartbeat for early fault detection
  • Intelligent restart and transparent reconnection

Processor support

  • Support for the latest ARMv8 and x86-64 processor
  • continues 32bit support for ARMv7 and x86

Predictable Realtime Performance

  • Pre-emptive scheduler with choice of scheduling methods
  • Distributed priority inheritance