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Pratibha Gopalam

Pratibha Gopalam

Executive Director of ESA Group Companies


Present responsibilities include Defining & Driving Business Strategy, Business Alliance & Partnerships, Managing Sales & Marketing Functions, Key Account Management and New Partner Acquisitions

Endeavors to be a committed corporate leader and a reliable business partner focusing on customer needs, partner success and employee development - Strives for non linear business growth and collective success for all.

With a strong academic and engineering background, she is technically adept in various technologies, design principles, enterprise architecture, software development and programming languages. Her past work experience spans across product development (Business Analytics, E-Commerce, E-Retail), software engineering and agile methodologies in leading research organizations, start-ups and MNCs.

In the present role, she puts to good use her technical strengths and her work experience with cross functional, multi-site, global teams to comprehend advanced embedded technologies and help sales/technical teams suitably position products/solutions, address customer requirements and engage effectively with global client organizations.

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